How to Overcome Meal-Prepping Problems?

Organic Food Shopping
Organic Food Shopping

How to Overcome Meal-Prepping Problems?

Heya people!

Are you not willing to enter the kitchen most of the times? I agree that meal-prepping is dreaded by most people but there is nothing that does not have a solution.

Let’s discuss meal-prepping problems and find a solution to each of them,

1) Eating the same thing every day is boring

Nobody would want to eat the same thing every day. In fact, your every meal should be so tempting that you actually look forward to it. However, you have just one Sunday and that is not enough to prep for 15 different meals for the week ahead! For those who are working it is better to do batch cooking for 2 different breakfasts and at least 4 different lunch and dinner options. Keep one sweet and one savoury option for breakfast and prep accordingly. Cook oats and keep them ready so that you can make both masala oats and the one with milk and nuts on alternate days. Same goes for lunch and dinner. Keep veggies chopped and store them in your fridge. Make two types of gravies and store them. This way you can simply add veggies to the gravy when you want to cook a meal and make different things every time!

2) Grocery shopping is tough

The queues at the billing counter can be quite long and that is a major turn off. So, find a time for grocery shopping when there is not much crowd. Next, you need to be organized while shopping and therefore, carry a list so that you don’t waste time and money!

3) Weekends are meant to be enjoyed and not spent in the kitchen!

You got to do what you got to do! Spare a little time and prep meals. Just stock them up in the freezer as and when you get time. You can make your favourite recipes and store them so that when you get back home from your get-away, you enjoy a good meal.

4) The amount of food prepped is either too much or too less

Organic Food Shopping

Food wasting is a strict no-no and you should also not get into a situation where you don’t have anything left. So, for both the extremes, you need to take a look at the calendar and plan for the week accordingly. First, decide the number of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners you and your family needs. It is a good idea to cook one less option for lunch or dinner according to the schedule. This is the best way to avoid wastage and if you are short, you can quickly whip up a meal from whatever is left. It is recommended that you jot down what all you need for the whole week so that you can head to the grocery store accordingly!

It is important to be organized and well-planned. This way of meal-prepping will keep everything in order and you can run your house well along with your professional life. Eating out is okay at times but there is nothing like a home-cooked meal!

Hope you liked reading the suggestions for Meal-Prepping Problems!

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