Why The ‘Noble’ Medical Profession Is More About Money Making Today?


Why The ‘Noble’ Medical Profession Is More About Money Making Today?

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The title of this post might make you feel that I am against the medical fraternity. Nope, I highly respect the doctors. They are God’s angels! Doctors have always helped me out in difficult times and probably that is why the medical profession is more a noble profession. They save so any lives each day and add new meaning to people’s existence on this planet. Doctors out there, please accept my heart-felt salute for the job you are doing!

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However, certain developments in the recent past have created a little disturbance in my mind. About 6 months back my mother went for an eye check up for new spectacles and the optician told her that she might be have cataract in both the eyes. It was depressing because those who have cataract need to get operated; at least that is what we think! So, next she visited a renowned private eye hospital and got her eyes checked. Let us call it ABC eye hospital 😛 The doctor did all sorts of tests on her eyes and concluded that she has cataract in both the eyes. L When asked what to do next, we were told that it would be better to get an operation done as it is the starting stage and it won’t be much of a trouble operating the eye. The doctor asked us to get it done within a period of 3 months. Well, then there was a lot of hustle-bustle in our minds but we decided that it would be better to go ahead with the operation.

We went to ABC eye hospital to finalize the date and were taken to a consultant. She told us about 2 different kinds of lens that we could opt for and naturally both had different rates. She then told us about a long list of tests to be done and consultation from a general physician. She asked my mom whether she knew any good general physician and if not they would fix an appointment with one they knew at extra charge. There was a long list of extra charges. The way the lady was forcing my mom to fix the date seemed weird. Something told us that we should go for a second opinion and we said that we would come later.

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The strangest part is that they never gave us the file that had all the test reports. It was with them. My perception is that they do this so that the patient comes back to them only. Well, as time passed by my mother asked so many people (relatives) about it but they all said different things. So, finally my mom decided to get a second opinion from another reputed private eye hospital. Let us call this XYZ hospital. She went there and the doctor was doing all the routine tests after dilating her pupils. He concluded that my mother has cataract but it is in the beginning stage and you need not go in for an operation at least for another 6 months!!! Mom is super happy and so am I! I am actually quite relieved that she needn’t get operated at least in the near future.

Now, ABC hospital forced my mom for an operation and XYZ hospital says that you can wait for another 6 months. How can that be? How can two eye doctors say different things about the same case? Is ABC hospital trying to make money out of the patient’s plight? I leave that to your good sense of judgement!

Did you too face a similar situation? Do share with us!

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