Top 5 Meditation Apps You Should Try


Top 5 Meditation Apps

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It may appear counterintuitive to let technology help you meditate. But that is actually the truth. The benefits of meditation are well known. It helps you sleep well, manages stress and increases overall happiness. However, getting people to actually meditate is not so easy.

Here we need something that gives the initial push and what can be better than meditation apps? It is always said that you do a digital detox to calm yourself down. However, apps that help in calming you down and enhancing your moods are an exception.

Here are 5 meditation apps you should consider:

1) Headspace

headspace-meditation apps

You would have probably heard of it as it is one of the most popular meditation app around. Headspace has more than 11 million downloads and 4 lakh paid subscribers. It has guided meditations on sleep, motivation, relationships and overall health.

The app is regarded as the best for midday office meditation. The meditations this app are as short as 5 minutes and as long as 20 mins.

2) Calm

calm-meditation apps

You must give Calm a try if you happen to like short-term goals. Calm is said to have 7 day and 2 day programs that focus on things like anxiety, sleep, happiness and gratitude. Even if you don’t have much time to spare, Calm will work pretty well for you.

This meditation app is the best for those times when you need a instant mood boost. You can choose from meditations as short as 3 minutes and as long as 25 minutes.

3) Insight Timer

Insight Timer-meditation apps

Unlike other meditation apps that charge you, here is an app that is completely free. It has features such as calming sounds like peaceful bells ringing along with ambient background sounds. There are 3,500 guided meditations in the Insight Timer app and that is what makes it a hit in the meditation community.

The app is the best if you cannot fall asleep. It offers you with diversity too. You have meditations that have a 5 minute duration to ones that last for an hour.

4) Simple Habit

Simple habit -meditation apps

Simple Habit has been resigned by Harvard psychologist Yunha Kim. The app is all about forming a meditation habit by providing users 5 minute meditations daily for specific life situations, right from the commute to a tough day at office. It comes with a 30 day free trial.

It is said to be the best for commuting. The duration of the meditations is 5 minutes.

5) Aura: Mindfulness Daily

Aura - Mindfulness Daily - meditation apps

If you are someone who does not have the time for meditation, Aura is one app that will come to your rescue. Aura offers a steady stream of micro meditations daily that last only for 3 mins. Even if 3 mins seem too long, there are 30 second breathing exercises to bust anxiety. So, you cannot make excuses anymore!

This app is great when you are pressed for time. The meditations range between 3 to 7 minutes. It offers a lot of things for free but there is a premium membership that provides you with 24×7 meditations.

So, these were the top meditation apps! Which one are you going to download?

Hope you find the above meditation apps useful!

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