7 Steps To Meditation for Weight Loss

Meditation for Losing Weight

Meditation for Weight Loss

Meditation is when a person uses a technique of concentration. This can be focussed on any specific point, thought or action. The aim of meditation is to prepare for consideration through being mindful and accomplish a rationally clear and genuinely quiet and stable mental, physical as well as emotional state.

Types of meditation:

  1. Loving-kindness meditation

  2. Progressive relaxation

  3. Mindfulness meditation

  4. Breath awareness meditation

  5. Kundalini yoga

  6. Zen meditation

  7. Transcendental Meditation

All these can be steps for Meditation for Weight loss too. Ofcourse, Meditation will not help you to shed pounds in the short run, but its effects, in the long run, are quite significant. With a little practice, meditation can help you reduce your weight by changing the way you think about yourself.

Various Meditations and weight loss


Meditation is connected to a whole lot of advantages. As far as weight reduction is concerned, Mindfulness meditation is by all accounts the most effective and efficient way. Believers found in 2017 that Mindfulness Meditation was a viable technique for getting thinner and changing dietary patterns. Basically, what it does is makes you realize about your dietary patterns. Most of us don’t consume a balanced diet and due to the unhealthy habit of eating junk food, we tend to get fat. It helps in introspecting the self. By being mindful you question yourself like Where are you? What are you doing? How are you feeling right now? These help you to maintain the eating patterns which in turn helps you to reduce weight.

Mindfulness meditation not only helps you to reduce your weight but can especially be useful in checking emotional and stress-related eating. By gaining full control over your emotions and feelings, you can perceive those occasions when you eat in light of the fact that you are emotional, instead of hungry.
It’s likewise a device which helps you to ignore the disgrace and guilt that a few people fall for when attempting to change their eating patterns. Body shaming is one of the major causes of stress eating
whose effects can be ignored or ceased using meditation. Meditation for weight loss includes, perceiving your sentiments and practices for what they are, without making a decision about yourself. This urges you to pardon yourself for committing errors, for example, stress-eating junk food.

Weight loss Meditation in 7 steps:

Meditation for weight loss

1) Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and concentrate on your surroundings. Focus on the slow breathing process for some time.

2) Drop all concerns and move away from all the worries by concentrating on your breathing pattern.

3) Perceive the cool air coming in and the warm air going out. Feel the chest rising and falling, the tummy growing and contracting. Try not to attempt to control your breath; let it stream all through its own.

4)Begin tallying your breaths delicately. Check from one to ten, and after that begin once again. 

Begin again from one on the off chance that you see you missed the succession before arriving at number ten, on the grounds that your psyche had meandered.

It’s typical for the psyche to meander. Furthermore, when it does, simply come back to tallying the breaths again from the begin. Be delicate on yourself, relinquishing all self-analysis.

5) Carry your thoughtfulness regarding the nearness of the contemplations that are traveling through your psyche. Move your attention away from your breath. This is the most important step.

6) Start introspecting. Ask yourself all the questions that you want to. Think about your dietary pattern and the way you can improve it. Don’t let your psyche wander anywhere else. Think about yourself.

7) Feel a developing feeling of quietness inside as you continue subsiding into the breath with more clarity of mind. It will help you to understand all your problems and to counter them.

So, now that you’ve learned these seven straightforward steps, it’s a great opportunity to welcome Meditation for weight loss through mindfulness into your day to day life. You will do yourself a lot of good by spending mere 10 minutes from your daily schedule for Meditating.

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