Meet Our Personal Fitness Trainer


Meet Our Personal Fitness Trainer

Heya People,

Meet Our Personal Fitness Trainer

Mr. Fit – Rahul Deb 🙂 🙂

Meet Our Personal Fitness Trainer

Eid ka chaand, lol ! With this, we officially launch Men’s Fitness section on FitnessVsWeightLoss. Let’s hear from him where was he all these months ! – Tarun

My Comeback

Hello People! How are you all doing? I am not sure if many people remember me here but yes at least few for sure. Well, I started to write for IWB few months back but suddenly took a break, a long one for that matter. I always have been reading the blog though but was not able to contribute in writing because of so many reasons.

My Fitness Certification

So this is the biggest reason. Ever since I started to write for IWB, I actually realised that there are so many readers. Some of them have had injuries whereas some are finding it difficult to do a certain type of exercise and so on. Though I was able to help people with my experience, I always thought it would be a big plus if I do a professional fitness certification so that I can help more people in a better way.  So I enrolled into one.

personal trainer certification course

Few Details about the certification course I am pursuing


I am pursuing my certification from a body called fitlink, based in Australia. There are few countries like USA, New Zealand, Australia etc. which have bodies for providing fitness certifications but the content on a broad level are similar.

I chose fitlink after a lot of research (which I found best suited for me) and there are two certifications in this course. Gym Instructor and personal trainer (the equivalents of these are called cert III and cert IV in Australia). The course is a really extensive one. I have to manage it along with my office work and workouts, plus I have to take exams for every module now and then. Now you know where I had disappeared ;).

Content of my certification course

My First Certificate

So I am just two weeks away from my first certificate (Gym instructor) and once I am done with it, my study for the second certificate will start. Though I will be really busy but if I get a chance to help IWB readers, I would be more than happy. In case anyone wants to visit, the website of fitlink is

Till my next post, Stay strong everyone.