Top 4 Memory Boosting Foods

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Top 4 Memory Boosting Foods

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Stress, age, sleeping patterns, medications and nutrition can have an influence over how good your memory is. Physiologically speaking, good memory depends on the total number of neurons (brain cells), the smooth flow of messages between brain cells and the health of the cells.

For your brain cells to be healthy you need a healthy heart as the cardiovascular system of the body can affect the functioning of your brain cells. Cells need a constant oxygen supply and anything that disrupts blood flow can affect the function of brain cells negatively. So, it becomes essential to keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels in control.

wheat addiction affects brain

A diet that is heart healthy is not just crucial to general health but to the health of the memory as well. Research has linked certain foods and their nutrients to memory enhancement or preservation. Brain foods contain flavonoids, which are the chemical compounds that give the colour to fruits and veggies. Flavonoids that tend to support memory function are anthocyanins and quercetin. The other nutrients that improve memory are folate and omega-3s.

Take a quick look at the list of foods that boost brain power:

1) Berries

Berrries for diabetics

Among fruits, berries have the highest concentrations of antioxidants. All berries are rich in flavonoids and they protect against the breakdown of brain cells. Some animal studies say that the diets rich in flavonoids can reverse memory loss in humans. Blueberries in particular are the ones that are known to be the best food sources of flavonoids. Eating lots of blueberries can enhance spatial memory and learning. If you can’t get them fresh, go in for frozen ones.

2) Leafy greens

Microgreens nutritional benefits

Leafy greens are packed with folate that has a direct effect on memory. In one study that went on for three years, it was found that men who ate foods rich in folic acid were protected from memory decline. Isn’t that a great reason to include leafy greens to your diet?

3) Fatty fish

fish and heart health

To keep your mind healthy, you need healthy fats. Studies say that while talking of food and memory, fish is the best! Fatty fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel and herring have generous amounts of omega 3 fatty acids to offer. In one study it was found that those who had higher levels of omega 3s had lesser chances of being diagnosed with dementia than those who had lower levels.

So, try to include fish in your diet. However, you can also go in for fish oil supplements.

4) Coffee

cappuccino- healthy eatind coffee day

Many people swear by their cup of coffee. Each morning they wake up and make a cuppa for themselves. Here is some good news for such coffee lovers. Research says that caffeinated coffee can help in temporarily sharpening an individual’s memory and focus. In the study, they checked the effect of caffeine with the help of MRI and found that there was an increase in brain activity in two locations and one of them was linked to memory.

In another study it was found that the effects of caffeine last longer in women. They also found that women above 65 who drank more than 3 cups of coffee a day had about one third less decline in memory than those women who consumed 1 cup or less of coffee per day.

Researchers said that the coffee- memory link was not observed in men and the reason for that can be the fact that both genders metabolize caffeine in a different way.

Guess you are going to include all of the above foods to sharpen your memory!

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