Menopause Treatment-Things To Know About Chinese Medicine


Menopause Treatment-Things To Know About Chinese Medicine

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This post is for women in their late 40s and early 50s. Women of this age group are anxious about their menopause. Some compare the experience with the way they felt before puberty or pregnancy. Menopause does bring a change in the way a woman’s body feels, operates and looks. As menstruation ceases, the body needs to find a new alignment for a new phase of life.

Menopause need not be looked down upon as a depressing phase of life as one need not bear the pain of periods every month. However you feel about this new phase of life, it is good to know about the right menopause treatment and adjust with the changes that are going to happen in your life. Here is a peep into symptoms of menopause and Chinese Medicine,

  1. Hot flashes seems to be like hot hours

Well, you may have heard about this a zillion times! Yes, women get hot flashes during their menopausal phase. According to studies, 75% of women face hot flashes during their menopausal years. It doesn’t stop just there; 33% of them have for 10 long years!

The episodes are not just flashes of feeling like you are on fire, they can actually last for hours. The ‘hot hours’ can result in sleepless nights and can be a hindrance in a woman’s normal life.

  1. The way Western and Eastern medicines deal with menopause is different

Western medicine has Hormonal Replacement therapy to offer for menopause but it has risks that include stroke, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Many women don’t know that Acupuncture, herbal medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been treating menopausal symptoms successfully for centuries in Asian countries.

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  1. Body imbalances can further cause menopausal symptoms

The symptoms of menopause are treated uniquely in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The treatment is entirely dependent on a woman’s symptoms. The symptoms are then associated with the deficiency in the body and it is the deficiency not the symptoms that are a part of the diagnosis.

  1. You can bring in a sense of balance in the body

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, once the diagnosis is made, the practitioner begins the path to healing. Acupuncture points are used. Then herbal remedies that have been around for hundreds of years are given in order to correct the hormonal imbalances that cause the symptoms. The treatment helps minimizing the symptoms and the root cause of the trouble is addressed.

  1. Side effects are minimal in Chinese herbs

The Chinese Herbal Medicines are made up completely from plants and this is a great news for women in their menopausal years as it means that they would be facing very little side effects.

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  1. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a long term and sustainable approach when it comes to balancing hormones

Western doctors say that patients don’t sustain their Hormone Replacement Therapy for more than 5 years as it increases the risk of cancer. On the other hand, traditional Chinese Medicine can be used as long as needed. This is so because the herb combinations adjust gently on a woman’s body changes. It is great alternative to the Western Hormone Replacement Therapy.

The hot flashes, sweating, sleeplessness, increased stress and mood swings liked with menopause are real. You can work with them instead of fighting with them. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture deal with the root causes of menopausal symptoms instead of just masking them. This makes the transition a smooth one.

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