Men’s Weight Loss-Coz Every ‘Ugly Duckling’ Turns Into A ‘Swan’


Men’s Weight Loss-Coz Every ‘Ugly Duckling’ Turns Into A ‘Swan’

At age 34, I look back and laugh because I have no regrets; well not exactly, since I am human – I regret not taking care of myself, of what I was and who I used to be. But, that is not the end of the world, because learning and unlearning can happen at any given point of time in life.

Hi, my name is Rohan and I am from Kolkata. Born and raised in the ‘City of Joy’, and you can only imagine how I may have gorged on the famous ‘bengali sweets’ – yes, I do confess having a sweet tooth. Now before you go ‘OMG CALORIES’, let me make one thing clear – I am a foodie, and I cook, and I eat and I make merry feeding others to my hearts content (ask my friends).

I was born a chubby baby, 12 pounds (poor mommy) and weight issues have always been a struggle with me. As a Sagittarian (astrology says Saggis put on weight faster than any other signs), I have my own highs and lows – weight being one of them, but, I didn’t embark on this journey to ‘attract attention’. This is a journey I took to help myself.

By reading my confession here, I hope you would understand and relate – and I am sure you would, because even though we all are ‘different’ from one another – the core and crux almost is the same.

By occupation, I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I ghostwrite too. Otherwise, you’d see me walking the streets and supporting the LGBTQIA movement in Kolkata.

Ok enough of my ‘trumpet blowing’ – here is how it all started.

When I was a teen

We’ve all been through teenage pangs – the clothes, hair-do, make-up, grooming, the food we eat, the people we mix with, the movies we watch et al, right! I went through the same as well, but, I internally struggled to make myself attractive to the world. I wanted to have those abs, which some boys in my school and college had, or maybe be the ‘Arnold’ in my own family *sigh*.

“You won’t be slim ever; not if you don’t think of cutting down on your meals” …. A school friend

Puberty made me gain a whole load of weight, and lose it too. I have a funny system, my body can gain and lose, if I condition it to do so.

So I was 80 kilos while I was in college, but carried myself well because I am 6ft tall and my clothes were always the “anti-fits” and “baggy jeans”, sighh! How I miss the 90s fashion! Hence, no one ever noticed the flab and fat on me.

“You remind me of a herd of elephants doing the moon dance”….. a cousin

Internally I was never happy, sadness was my best friend, depression my lover. I realized food was not my pal to be, anorexia and bulimia followed.

I joined the corporate world

Mass communication done and over with, I bagged an internship in Mumbai with a leading sitcom channel. Needless to say, I was surrounded with divas and hunks; and no body seemed to EAT! Nobody except me, and I would hear snide remarks;

Fatso is at lunch

He won’t be able to run as fast as we can; don’t give him the keys to the studio, he’ll eat them up to

Are you sure you’d fit in those shorts?

These are not your size; look at the XXL section

Why don’t you lead a healthy lifestyle?

Fat people stink; they ought not to live

Some of these comments were hurtful, I became an emotional eater, I left socializing and didn’t want to be one with the groups I worked with. I would come back home; look for food and eat – forgetting I had to reduce.


Relationship wise and personal life be told, I was never “someone’s type” – the myth of fat men make the cutest lovers was all B.S for me. The world was now engaged in ‘stereotypical grooming and beauty’ – glossy magazine models, men with six packs and a cute face, fair skin and what not.

“You have ugly eyes and are an epitome of lard”, said someone who I so cherished.

That was it, it’s been two years and I still have not found the one – not bothered about it. However, what I wanted to do for myself was to be healthy. I don’t want to be reed-thin, I will never want a ‘size-zero’, and even if I have a little tummy left, that’s okay!!

My aim is to be fit, happy and healthy – mind, body and soul.

2012 RohanHere’s what I do                                                    Rohan 2012

I meditate for a little time, I focus on my breath and I have begun loving myself. Believe me if you wish to, it works. When you grow up from within, and allow self-confidence, love and care to take over, the brain is re-wired. I did it, it wasn’t easy though – but I did it!

  • My morning begins with a cup of green tea and I add a teaspoon of honey to it.
  • Breakfast is a healthy meal at 10a.m, mostly cereals and fruits.
  • My mid-morning snack is again a fruit or cracker biscuits, just 3-4 of them.
  • Lunch for me is at 2p.m, a very small serving of rice or 2 rotis, and anything to go along with it.
  • Tea is at 4p.m, typically the way it has been for generations in our home – sans the need of pakoras with chai.
  • And, finally, by 8pm, is dinner, a very light meal, because I wouldn’t get sleep otherwise.

Please drink at least 10 glasses of water, maybe one of my future posts I shall tell you how ‘water therapy too helps me lose weight’.

2013 rohanMy sweet cravings

Energy bar to the rescue, and there are many out there in the market to choose from. They’ve helped me royally, and I indulge in them once a day, half a bar in the morning and half in the evening.

Do I cheat on my routine; YES, I do *puppy face*!

Saturday and Sunday, my two days when I gorge and gorge and hog! I spare nothing, but I stay within limits, and before I eat I drink a lot of water.

Do I smoke or drink?

Yes, I do both; but I have brought it down and honestly, let me not lie about the quitting part. I have my limits, and I won’t cross it!

Gym and exercise

2014 rohan


Rohan in 2014

I honestly do not have the time for them both, but, since I do not have a housekeeper to help; I do all the work at home, and I get to go for an hour jog at 5a.m every day. So yes, that is what kept me from gaining on any further lard and fat.

Once again, my post here is not to shame you or tell you of the body you should have, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THAT. I am here to tell you NOT TO GIVE UP ON YOURSELF; love yourself and watch how it brings forth the desirable personality you always wished to be.

Stop being a ‘closeted self-lover’; be proud of who and what you are; of the body you are in, and work it up to keep it healthy and good.

Remember, the body we are in is a miracle; learn to worship the body well. If I can do it and lose a good amount of weight from then and now; I am sure you too can do the same. Do not lose weight to look cosmetically beautiful; do the weight-loss plan for your own ‘health needs’. Believe me when I say, the ‘feel good’ factor is of more importance than the ‘look good factor’.

I hope all of you reading this would stand by me and walk with me on this journey as I would hold your hands too.

Signing of with love

Rohan A H Noronha

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