5 Incredible Mental Health Benefits Of Having Fun!


5 Incredible Mental Health Benefits Of Having Fun!

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Do you enjoy painting? How many times have you painted in the last one week? Not even once, right? Does dancing makes you feel happy? Have you danced your heart out in the recent past? Your reply must be like….’yeah, I did dance but one year ago in my friend’s sangeet.’ When you love doing something, you should do it often. Having fun is doing all those things that make you feel happy and excited. Allotting sometime out of your busy schedule to activities that you love doing the most is good for overall health.

Dance Exercise For Fitness

Want to know how recreational activities benefit you? Here you go!

1) Positive hormones are released

Taking part in fun-filled activities such as singing, dancing and painting increases the secretion of the positive hormones- oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. They are neurotransmitters that help in improving brain activity. They also help in dealing with stress and depression as they increase neuron connectivity, which makes you feel good.

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2) Fun activities make you feel happy

There are 100 million nerve cells in our brain, and they get activated when you do things that give you joy. The neurons in the brain connect with each other when you are happy and it is this connectivity that further makes you feel relaxed and stay stress-free. That is why you should have fun in life by spending some time playing with your pet or your kids. Pursuing your long lost hobbies too will make you feel happy.


3) The brain’s white matter increases

Are you aware that white matter is the key to improve mental health? It is present in the deeper layers of the brain. It comprises of neurons that improve transmission of nerve signals in the brain. If you have more white matter, your brain will be more active and you will be smarter. Spending time doing creative stuff like painting and DIYs activates the learning centre in the brain. This causes connectivity of neurons and helps increase the white matter.

4) Overall health gets improved

Learning a new hobby or playing a new musical instrument is known to activate your senses and help improve your overall health. For instance, playing the violin involves the motor neurons, stimulates the visual centre as well as the memory centre. Your auditory senses get activated and the occipital centre of the brain gets stimulated. All these result in an increase in the white matter of the brain. Apart from that, when you learn something new, you inculcate your creativity and imagination.

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5) You age in a healthy way

Learning a new thing at life’s every stage helps improve brain connectivity. The brain cells connect as if a party is going on inside the brain. On the other hand, lack of physical and mental activity prevents your nerve cells from getting connected, creating gap’s in the white matter of the brain. This leads to neuron dissonance in old age. This is probably why old people repeat words. With age, the white matter in the brain decreases and puts you at the risk of mental disorders like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. So, if you want to age in a healthy way, make sure you have fun all the way!

Have fun and enjoy every moment life has to offer you!

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