Merkaba Meditation-What You Need To Know

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Merkaba Meditation-What You Need To Know

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Meditation of any kind is known to be effective. On the blog we have covered many different kinds of meditation. Each type of meditation is different but the aim being to search inner peace.

Pranic Healing meditation

There one type of meditation called Merkaba meditation that focuses on the geometric fields of energy around the body that spin at really high speeds. Merkaba meditation is a powerful as well as a simple tool that heals. People say that due to the pollution of the body. Mind and spirit, the energies have slowed down and their movement has ceased. Without the energies, humans are just half alive, roaming around blindly without reflection. In fact without those energies a human body is deaf, dumb and mute to the universe’s wonders. Reawakening this field of energy via meditation can set it into movement again. It is called a Merkaba, a field of energy that rotates. It is an awesome positive force through the body and spirit.

Through knowing about universal love and sacred geometry of spinning spheres of light and power that used to spin around us, we can gain access to the power that once used to be inherent in all humans but is now quiet.

The Merkaba meditation technique

The Merkaba meditation technique begins with a series of deep breaths and on each breath there is a deliberation and concentration on the shapes taken by the energy and space filled by it. Using a certain series of breaths and postures, individuals who practice Merkaba meditation open themselves up and make themselves open to a world that previously was blind. As it is their own breaths that guide them through the discovery, they receive love that equals the one that they expend and they are revitalised and refreshed. As the shapes get clearer and the energy within them gets awakened from its dormancy, the effects tend to become clearer and more powerful. The benefits of this form of meditation are huge.

Sacred Geometry is the leading principle of Merkaba meditation. It is meant to understand not just yourself but the whole of the universe! Isn’t that just great? Students of this meditation after a brief study realize that this geometry and patterns are present in all aspects of the universe, right from a delicate and slender blade of grass to a star that is extremely far. Through a look at the form and the purpose of the energy fields, a kind of unity is recognized and an understanding of your position in the comos is found.

As soon as these powerful energies are restarted and recognized, they can be used as tools for the upkeep of health. It helps you in getting a better understanding of both yourself and the entire universe.

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The energies are directed and produced by divine love and thus has a huge potential for healing the both the body and spirit. Merkaba meditation is more like a vehicle that has the potential to take us further than where we have ever been before, to a place that was known to people very intimately once. It takes us into our own souls and hearts, where we have ceased to visit. We have started living the mechanical way, at least now you know about a meditation that connects you to your inner self.

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