3 Metabolism Mistakes That Hinder Weight Loss


3 Metabolism Mistakes You Commit That Hinder Weight Loss

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It has been a while since we came up with some hard core weight loss post. Well, the wait is over!

Are you tired of trying different kinds of diets and fitness trends? The fact is that you are getting misguided! You might be doing things that are making your metabolism work against you. So, here are the metabolism mistakes  you are doing!

Mistake no 1: You have been eating carbs for breakfast

All this while you have been asked to eat carbs for breakfast because otherwise if we have them later, they will be stored as fat.

This is just a myth!

Oats For Weight Loss Management And Well Being

See what really happens! The carbs like cereal, oatmeal are quickly broken down into sugar. This causes a spike in your levels of blood sugar, which stimulates the release of insulin which is a main fat storing hormone. Sounds bad if you want to lose weight! Secondly, eating carbs in the morning has a negative effect on the circadian rhythm of the body. When you wake up, the levels of the hormone cortisol naturally rise to ensure you have enough blood sugar levels to begin your day. However, eating carbs for breakfast blunts the release of cortisol as you have already increased your blood sugar levels by eating carbs. It will not appear to be a big deal initially, but over time there may be a shift in circadian rhythms that will lead to hormonal problems and weight loss issues.

To keep your metabolism rocking, with normal blood sugar and cortisol levels, it would be great to start your day with 20 g of protein. You can have eggs, or dal/besan chilla for breakfast.

Mistake No 2: Eating 5 to 6 meals a day

woman eating healthy salad

Unless you suffer from diabetes or have blood sugar issues, there is no point in eating constantly throughout the day. It won’t help you keep the weight off. When you eat, that too carbs, there is an increase in your blood sugar which increases your insulin levels.

The job of insulin is to store what you eat instead of burning it. So, by eating all day long after every 2 to 3 hours you put yourself into a fat storage mode! Eating frequently leads to a higher blood sugar and that can result in really high insulin levels. All this ends up in fat storage.

Simple way out is to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

Mistake no 3: You are overdoing cardio

Pic 3 treadmill boring

In order to repent for the sins of indulging in high calorie treats, people run outdoors or hit cardio machines. It isn’t wise to do so. It is unhealthy to slog in the gym just to burn 500 calories.

Long cardio sessions decrease thyroid hormone, testosterone and growth hormone and instead levels of cortisol that is linked with an increase in belly fat.

For a healthy metabolism you must focus on resistance training. It will increase your strength, power, testosterone and growth hormones.

Hope this post has been an eye opener and has made you realize your dietary and exercise mistakes. So, take care of your metabolism and maintain a healthy weight.

Hope you realized your metabolism mistakes that are hindering your weight loss.

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