Metafit Cardio Workout Review


Metafit Cardio Workout Review

Hi fitness lovers or not 😉

metafitI have recently started a cardio workout just one day a week, as I hate doing a lot of cardio thus I divide my workout into Weight training, Body balance, Yoga and one day of my new Metafit workout, as over the years I feel that if I do too much cardio, I don’t lose weight and I just sometimes put on 🙁 It is true :p

Every person has a different outlook on workout and the same goes for our bodies. I usually put on weight on my abdomen and my legs remain slim :p Not entirely happy with this, since if you have  heavy top you instantly look bulky. Plus having fat on the abdomen is not good for the health overall.

So for my Cardio routine, I absolutely hate the Treadmill, it is so damn boring and is something I really don’t enjoy, thus I took up a nearby fitness group class called Metafit, which is not entirely a Cardio class.

What exactly happens in a Metafit class?

Metafit is a High-intensity interval training, it means we do super quick vigorous workout and take about 15 seconds rest in each exercise and sometimes the exercise intervals are shorter or skipped altogether. It is a fun workout and runs about 30 to 45 minutes. I usually do a 45 routine class, but some people in my class walk out after 30 minutes.

Metafit is basically body weight training and is very popular worldwide. The trainers have to be necessarily be affiliated as a Metafit certified coach.

It is extremely vigorous workout and really takes your breath away. The workout comprises of push ups, burpees, lunges, squats, pulls ups, jump press ups, bunny sqauts and I don’t know what 😉

The class has short few seconds interval ranging from few 15 to 25 seconds. This is much needed to calm our heartbeat down.

Benefits of a Metafit class:

1. Cardio and strength training:

Metafit HIIT

The class comprises of both the workouts, it can be easily called anaerobic workout which lasts even when you leave the workout room. The push ups, the burpees, the lunges all help you to use your strength. The workout will not only help you lose weight but it will also increase your stamina, my first class was a disaster, by mistake I had a very nice yummy lunch (home cooked, of course) and I found it extremely difficult to survive the 45 minutes. Always remember to eat light when you exercising that evening.

2. Short workout with burst of calorie burn:

metafit 30 minute

The workout is a classic case of HIIT and thus, it will be have a super intense workout for few minutes and then you take a few seconds off to get your heart rate at the right pace. Whenever I start the workout I hate myself for joining in 😛 but after first 15 minutes is when the body is adapting to it and helping you lose the fat, that is when I feel stronger. The important fact is that you have to do what you can easily and with the correct posture otherwise you may get a bad back or a knee ache. I learned the hard way 😛

3. Easy to do for beginners:

Metafit workout

Metafit does not mean that only people who workout regularly can do it, the trainer will always show you options and you can chose what levels you are comfortable with, and all the levels promise you a good workout. The metafit class is not your regular jumping jacks aerobics exercise, get over the jumping sessions and take a new look at your workout with Metafit.

4. Gives  superb Metafit high

The first few minutes are bad as I told you, you will feel why the hell, you could just simply sit down on your sofa and enjoy a nice cup of tea, but after an hour you would feel sluggish and maybe guilty because you chomped down that cookie with your tea. Thus have your tea and biscuit too, but before that take a short burst of Metafit class which will automatically give you a high like nothing else. Your face will glow, your body will give you the results  very soon 🙂

Love Vrinda

You must find a Metafit class near you and take a challenge for a new you.

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  1. I don’t think so, its a regular workout, which uses body strength. I have seen actual difference in my body shape.

  2. Hi Vrinda,

    Pls let me know if you have got certified on Metafit in India/UK. I dont seem to find how to get certification completed. Can you also help me where to find the Metafit sessions to purchase?



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