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Meet India’s Ultraman – Milind Soman !

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Remember how Milind Soman stole the hearts of many young women back in the 90’s with his appearance in the ‘Made in India’ pop album? Well, he has now transformed into an inspiration for everyone. There must hardly be anyone in the Indian fitness circles who does not know him. Many youngsters aim to age the way he has! The 51 year old, fit as a fiddle, has just completed Ultraman Florida 2017. Kudos to him as it is an extremely tough endurance test.

The actor who has been constantly promoting physical fitness took part in the 3 day event that was held from 17 to 19 February 2017 and won the Ultraman Florida by travelling 517.5 Km barefoot. He was the only one who ran barefoot in the race. Read more about barefoot running here! The 3 day event had 423 km of cycling, a 10 km swimming and an 84 km ultra-marathon.

So, Milind Soman, the Ironman is now the Ultraman! Yes, in 2015 he had won the rather tough Ironman in Zurich, Switzerland. He had taken up the Ironman challenge in order to celebrate his 50th birthday. To know more about his previous achievements click here!

The Ironman is one among the world’s toughest races but his latest win, Florida Ultraman is far more grueling and exhausting.

Milind Soman Ultraman

What is the Ultraman?

Ultraman Florida is a 3 day athletic endeavour that guarantees to test the physical and mental limits of an athlete. It is one journey that touches the soul and creates a lifetime full of memories. The Ultraman race covers totally 517.5 kms around central Florida and each participant must complete a 10 km open water swim, a 423 km of bike ride and an 84 km ultra marathon run. Day 1 has 10 km swimming and 92 mile of cycling, Day 2 has 171 mile bike ride and Day 3 involves a 52.4 mile run.


Milind Soman’s experience

It was a mammoth task as on day 1 both the tyres of his bike (cycle) got punctured. However, in spite of the tough weather conditions, he fixed it and  continued the race and successfully finished it. His mom also travelled to Florida to greet him at the finish line! He then shared his achievement on the social media!

Milind Soman, also called the marathon man, had also done a two week long marathon in 2016 between Ahmedabad and Mumbai. The latest Ultraman is a golden feather in his cap! Being able to swim, cycle and run at the age of 51 is indeed something commendable. All of us should follow the footsteps of Milind Soman and give importance to both physical and mental fitness.

Three cheers for this fitness icon! We look forward to more such achievements from his end!

Hope you found this post inspiring!

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