4 Misconceptions About Skinny People Cleared!


4 Misconceptions About Skinny People Cleared!

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Throughout school I was the main theme behind every joke! It wasn’t easy I tell you. Once I came first in a running race and instead of congratulating me, people started saying that the wind was blowing hard and that is why I won the race! Well, all my schoolmates were in for a surprise when they saw me in college 2nd year; I had upgraded myself from super skinny to just normal! I am still on the lighter-side gals but the all those mean jokes are less heard now!

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People have a lot of misconceptions about skinny people. Let us get them cleared!

1) Skinny people can consume lots of dessert and junk food

This is a very common misconception. Skinny people often hear comments like- ‘You are already so thin, another piece of chocolate pudding won’t harm you!’ or something like this- ‘You are so lucky to be thin, you can enjoy junk food!’ A study that appeared in the journal Obesity reveals that consuming sugar harms your body even if t doesn’t cause any weight gain. Sugar consumption causes several metabolic diseases and raises your blood pressure. It is harmful for the skin too, read about that here! Junk food too affects your body negatively. Even if you don’t put on weight, it harms your system and increases the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart problems and Alzheimer’s. Still think that skinny people can gorge on sweets and junk??

2) Skinny people needn’t exercise

People often mock at thin people who exercise. Once when I was going for a walk in my colony, a concerned aunty said, ‘Why are you walking? You are already slim and trim!’ Such comments really irritate me. Just because a person is thin, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the need to exercise. Exercising is not just for weight loss. It has several other essential functions. It improves the circulation of blood, makes your heart pump and keep your joints and muscles working fine. Exercise is important of everyone, thin or fat!

3) Skinny people usually eat less and have an eating disorder

A lot of people think that thin people don’t eat enough and that is why they are thin. There are also another group of people who think that skinny people suffer from an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia.

Both the thoughts have no base. Being skinny doesn’t mean that a person is eating less or having an eating disorder. There are many skinny people who eat their heart out and at times even more than they are supposed to! I know a girl who is really skinny but has a huge appetite 🙂 . It is but natural for other people to envy skinny people with a mammoth-like appetite 😛

4) Thin people are not strong enough

This misconception has to be cleared! Just because someone is petite and skinny, it doesn’t mean that he or she is not strong. When a thin girl whacks you, you will know 😛 Looks can deceive. A plump girl may look powerful but this doesn’t mean that a skinny girl is not strong. You never know how much the skinny girl has been exercising till you get a solid punch from her.

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Hope most of the misconceptions about skinny people have been cleared.

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