Know Whether Your Mole Is Cancerous Or Not

skin cancer and how to treat it

Ways To Find Out Whether Your Mole Is Cancerous Or Not

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Cancer’ – The word itself sends a chill down the spine. However, these days if detected early it can be treated. Let us discuss the detection of skin cancer in this post.

India being a tropical country is exposed to higher amount if UV radiation throughout the year. This increases the risk of skin cancer. Do you want to know the symptoms of skin cancer? Well, the growth of a new mole or any changes in an existing mole are the first symptoms. Now, how to find out whether your mole is cancerous or not? Keep read reading!

skin cancer and how to treat it

Checking Moles by the ABCDE Method

Checking moles regularly to spot any untoward change can save lives as it detects skin cancer early. An early detection of skin cancer makes it highly treatable and checking your moles is a way of detecting them early. When you do your first skin check, make a note of where your moles are located along with their size and shape so that you can track changes.

You can self-evaluate moles by remembering the acronym ABCDE, which stands for the following:

A- Asymmetry
B- Border Irregularity
C- Color
D- Diameter
E- Evolution

Changes in the moles – Chief indicators

You must pay attention to the shape, surface texture and height of your moles every month. These 3 factors are the most important indicators of skin cancer.

Usually moles are symmetrical and if you happen to notice that a particular mole is evolving, is growing or is asymmetrical, it can indicate that it is time you get your mole checked by a dermatologist. Visit a certified skin doctor as he or she will be able to spot the reasons for concern better than you.

Is your mole cancerous – How to find out?

A non-cancerous mole usually has a smooth and defined border. So, if the border of the mole is irregular, blurred or jagged-edged, it could be a sign of skin cancer.

Any mole that is too tender to touch or causes pain should not be taken lightly especially if there secretion of any fluid or blood along with it.

sun tan natural remedies

Although skin checks are a vital part of early detection of cancer, you also must realize the importance of taking preventive measures. As you all know that prevention is better than cure, you must protect your skin from the sun. Apply a sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 or higher and include it as a part of your everyday sun protection regime. You can also protect yourself by choosing to go out either earlier in the day or later. Avoid the scorching mid-day sun.

Stay safe!

Hope you found this post ‘finding whether a mole is cancerous or not’ useful!

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