Monster Energy Drink-Good Or Bad ?

is monster energy drink good for health

Monster Energy Drink-Good Or Bad ?

Recently you all must have spotted the television commercials about energy drinks which keep on surfacing every now & then & leave us puzzled about how useful these drinks are for the body!  Till now we have explored so much stuff about the bad effects of coke & carbonated drinks that it seems to be quite doubtful that these energy drinks are actually good for health or just a result of the tough marketing strategy.

is monster energy drink good for health

About Monster Energy Drink-

Monster Energy is an energy drink, launched by Monster Beverage Corporation in April 2002. These energy drinks are supported by  their own promotional campaigns like racing, sports, snowboarding , skateboarding & music bands across the world. The sponsorship is mainly by associating with major sports events taking place!

Monster energy drink review

Are these drinks Good or Bad?

  • Energy drinks are actually far better in consumption than the carbonated soda drinks available in market. Unlike the soda drinks, these energy drinks target a specific group of teenagers & adults only and are not considered safe for children & old aged people.
  • These Monster energy drinks are available in High carbs & low carbs variant which make it easy to consume as per ones requirement and the particular diet one follow.
  • The taste of these drinks is surely not near to being pleasant & one needs to develop taste to have these drinks. These drinks are known to kill buzz & make your body feel refreshing & energetic due to the presence of caffeine & certain vitamins in it!
  • The presence of sugars in these drinks is also a feature which needs to be overlooked & researched properly before consumption as it may increase the risk in persons suffering from diabetes or other diet related disorders
  • The high amount of caffeine in these energy drinks is the possible reason for giving a boost of energy or refreshment and it certainly becomes important to watch the consumption as they may disturb your biological clock & result in insomnia , anxiety, restlessness & other irritating activities!
  • The thing is that energy drinks should be made a once in a while affair just as the soda drinks as these energy drinks have moderate effects on your health. It is not too bad but not too good also!
  • We need to understand that these energy drinks actually may help your body replenish itself giving a sudden kick of energy but the energy level crashes too with the same kick which your body needs to be used to otherwise  physiological problems start facing up!

Final Conclusion-Monster Energy Drink-Good Or Bad ?

There have been much rumors about the sudden death of a teenager after drinking two cans of monster energy drink! But till date there is not evident proof that the death caused was due to the monster energy drink. The high level of caffeine & sugars may be responsible cause for this but there is no proof of it!

These drinks are surely better than the sugar loaded cola drinks but that doesn’t means these drinks are healthy at all. You may just quench your thirst or fulfill the craving for a drink with this and keep the consumption very limited due to the high low level of energy it boosts the body with!

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