5 Morning Habits That Lead To Weight Gain


Morning Habits That Lead To Weight Gain

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Okay so you have not touched fast food, sweets and candy for a while now. You exercise regularly and are trying every trick in the book to lose weight but still those extra kilos are there with you. The truth is that most people don’t know that their daily morning habits can prevent them from getting into shape. Sometimes petty little things that we fail to notice come in the way and hinder weight loss.

Here are 5 morning habits that lead to weight gain

1) Sleeping a lot

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Are you a sleeping beauty? Sleeping way too much can be a reason for your weight gain.

When you sleep too less, your body is more likely to produce the stress hormone cortisol which increases your hunger. However, this does not mean that you should oversleep as it is not good for you either. In a recent study, it has been found that sleeping for more than 10 hours a night can increase BMI (Body Mass Index). That is why doctors recommend getting 7-9 hours of shut-eye every day.

2) Getting ready in the dark


Do you keep your room dark even after sunrise? You should let the sunshine in as soon as you wake up. According to one study, it has been found that blue light waves that come from the early morning sun helps your body wake up and boosts your metabolism. Spending even 20 to 30 minutes in daylight is sufficient to affect your BMI. Make soaking in the early morning sun your daily ritual.

3) Not making your bed

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It may sound weird but it is true. A study reveals that people who make their beds everyday sleep better on the whole. And healthy sleep is needed to maintain a healthy weight. Tidying up a little will help you feel good about yourself too. Anyway, who wants to live in a shabby atmosphere!

4) Forgetting to weigh yourself

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Research says that daily weighing is one successful technique that encourages weight loss. The right time to weigh yourself is in the morning before eating anything or drinking water. Since you lose water weight over the night, you will get an accurate number.

5) Eating too little for breakfast

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Skipping breakfast is very common. Some people just sit on the table a take a bite or two and rush to work. People think that by doing so they can save on calories and lose weight eventually. However, you should not forget that you have starving whole night and breakfast is the time to refuel your body.

Make your breakfast interesting say researchers. You should treat yourself to a delicious breakfast so that you eat it with pleasure. A balanced breakfast is said to contain 600 calories of lean protein, carbs and some healthy dessert (Yes, so that you are able to follow the daily diet plan). Make different things for breakfast everyday so that you don’t get bored of it.

Hope you made note of the morning habits that lead to weight gain.

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