5 Morning Rituals That Supercharge Your Day

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Morning Rituals That Supercharge Your Day!

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Let me first show you two scenarios and then get going with the post!

Scenario 1: Your alarm rings for the 4th time on your smart phone and you hit the snooze button. You are drowsy but rollover, grab the phone and check all the emails, notifications, and texts. You don’t even look up and drag yourself to the kitchen so that you pour coffee for yourself.

Sounds familiar?? (Most people begin the day the above way!)

Scenario 2: You wake up to the ringing of the old-world alarm clock which is many feet away from the bed so that you actually have to get up to switch it off. Your feet hit the floor and you walk up to the kitchen to make a hot water and lemon drink for yourself along with a caffeinated concoction. As you always spend the first hour without your phone, you take your yoga mat and set up a creative combo of writing, meditation and yoga. It sets the intention for your day. Even while almost dozing off in mediation you are awakened and feel inspired.

Which one sounds better? Scenario 2, right?

Morning rituals have a deep effect on you and your daily routine. Your morning ritual can be a prayer to God Almighty, a morning walk or anything you like to do repeatedly day after day. Here are some rituals you can try a hand at!

1) Turn on the airplane mode!

Woman using phone-Ways To Stop Getting Distracted By Mobile Phones

And you just thought that the airplane mode is only for airplanes! It is an immensely helpful way to stay uninterrupted during your quiet hours. When you plan to hit the bed, just put your phone on airplane mode and keep it as such. It will prevent you from getting disturbed.

2) Create mindful moments

practice meditation

Early in the day, take a moment to pause and check how you feel. Listen to your body, mind and bring in mental clarity. The mindful moment can be as short as 3 mins or as long as 30 mins!

3) Drink something warm

Hot water diet for weight loss

In the morning, it is great to drink something warm. You can have a cup of bulletproof coffee or green tea. It all up to your liking!

4) Go for a walk

Top Exercises To Lose Weight walking

Get moving! The first thing that you need to do is to get active in the morning. Going for a morning walk in the park without the cell phone can help clear up your mind.

5) Give oil pulling a try

oil pulling benefits

Oil pulling is a great way to detoxify your body in the morning. Put a spoon of coconut oil into your mouth and swish it around for 10 minutes. Spit it out and start your day.

These were some of the rituals that people suggest. Some may seem suitable whereas others may not. Do you have your own morning rituals? You think they are healthy and help in keeping you fit? If yes, do share them down in the comment section below.

Will you follow these Morning Rituals?

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