Morning Sickness During Pregnancy-Good Sign?


Morning Sickness During Pregnancy-Good Sign?

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When the heroine pukes in TV serials, we immediately understand that she is expecting! What a wave of happiness!! As soon as the news breaks in the house, the whole family rejoices and the heroine is showered with love and extra care!! ‘Don’t lift heavy stuff and take rest’, ‘here have your milk, your baby will be healthy and strong’, ‘it is time for your juice now!’. Typical serial style, they create a hype of everything!!!! Okay, now let us come back to real life 😛

Well.. well, preganancy is certainly a reason to rejoice but the happiness is clubbed with an extra package called morning sickness. That is probably not depicted in detail on the small screen 😛 This post discusses about pregnancy related morning sickness.

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In real life I have seen so many women suffering from bouts of nausea during their initial months of pregnancy 🙁 To be frank I have always felt bad for them. Poor souls puke every morning for about 4 months! How much a woman has to bear to give birth to a child! It isn’t without reason that a mother is given the highest honour in this world!

There are some lucky women who don’t have any symptoms of morning sickness. But do you know that having morning sickness during pregnancy is something positive? There has been a study done in this regard and it has been found that women who suffer with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy have 55% to 80% lower chances of having a miscarriage. Babies born to such women are healthier too!! These children are at a lower risk for having birth defects like cardiovascular troubles and cleft palate.

The research has also found out that there is a link between morning sickness and lower chances of premature births. Having a baby after a full term has lesser complications than premature childbirth.

Kids born (after completing their term) to mothers who had severe nausea during pregnancy, have been found to perform well in intelligence tests when they grew up a bit. Their score was high in numerical memory, verbal fluency and verbal performance.

After knowing this fact you should not freak out if you don’t have morning sickness when you get pregnant. It is just that some women experience it and some do not. It does not mean that something wrong is going to happen during your pregnancy or that the child will not be healthy.

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One question needs to be answered at this juncture. Why do some women suffer from nausea while some do not? The answer to that would be- it is all about hormones! Yes, the occurrence of morning sickness is linked to hormones, even the positive results of the morning sickness are linked to hormones of the woman’s body. When a woman has morning sickness there is an increase in one particular hormone. According to certain studies the levels of estrogen and progesterone are also high when a woman has severe morning sickness.

This means that even if your mornings are bad with terrible morning sickness it is a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Just keep calm and bear the trouble as you are going to get a healthy bundle of joy. It would be a good idea to always check with your gynaecologist though. She would be able to guide  you better 🙂

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