Most Fit Stars Of Bollywood


Most Fit Stars Of Bollywood

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Bollywood stars are an inspiration for the commoners. Some celebs have really fit bodies that awe the audience. Fitness is real hard work and discipline and our Bollywood celebs know how to sweat it out. Here is a list of the fittest stars of Bollywood.

1) Salman Khan

Salman Khan fittest Bollywood star

He appears shirtless quite often 😛 Salman Khan is one of the fittest actors in tinsel town. Other actors have been influenced by his fitness regime and bulky body. The actor works out for 2 hours each and every day and doesn’t eat junk food! He is one great inspiration for the guys!

2) Bipasha Basu

Bipasha-Basu fitness

When it comes to the female stars, Bipasha’s name comes to the mind. She is fit as a fiddle. She says that one has to respect and take good care of one’s body because there is no other place to live in. Fitness is the best kind of investment for good health according to Bipasha.

3) Deepika Padukone

deepika padukone  workout diet (2)

The reigning queen of Bollywood looks slim and trim in all her films, this because of her fitness regime. She says that Pilates is helping her in keeping her in good shape. Being a state level badminton player has also helped her in maintaining a svelte figure. She looked so toned in her latest movie Happy New Year!

4) Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty's Post Baby fitness Secrets workout

What can I say about this diva? Her stunning figure has always created a buzz in the film industry. The secret behind her figure is weight training and healthy eating. Can you believe that she is 40 years old? Her determination is what makes her fit at forty.

5) Hrithik Roshan

hrithik-roshan fittest bollywood star

Talking about this Greek God, his looks and body have always created waves. His chiselled body is sheer hardwork! Named as one of the fittest actor of B-town his guru was Salman Khan. Hrithik tries to avoid fried and oily food and carries his set of exercise equipment when he travels. Now that is determination!

6) Katrina Kaif

katrina-kaif-dhoom 3 movie review

The svelte beauty hits the gym thrice a week. Jogging, meditation, Yoga and swimming are a part of her fitness regime. Her Dhoom 3 look was amazing! She had to work really hard for it.

7) Akshay Kumar

akshay-kumar fittest bollyood star

Bollywood’s khiladi, Akshay Kumar is well known for his disciplined life. He eats right and leads a healthy lifestyle. He never cared about sporting a six pack. Akshay Kumar’s interest in sports can be his fitness secret too!

8) John Abraham

john-abraham fittest Bollywood star1

John Abraham has one of the best bodies in B-Town. For his movie Force, he got the beefed up look by working out extensively. The handsome hunk has always been a stunner when it comes to having a fit body.

9) Kareena Kapoor Khan


You cannot miss out on Kareena while making a list of fit celebs. She was the person who brought size zero to Bollywood. The Begum has a fit and great body. She has a very strict diet plan and does Yoga on a regular basis.

10) Saif Ali Khan

saif ali khan fittest bollywood star

Saif does Yoga just like his begum Kareena. He has a very fit body! He has sported six packs in movies like Agent Vinod and Race. His body reflects his hard work.

11) Priyanka Chopra

priyanka-chopra-Exercise weightloss

Priyanka has the perfect figure and manages to keep it so with the help of Yoga For her biopic ‘Mary Kom’ she had to train a lot. You can actually see her determination towards fitness in that movie.

12) Anushka Sharma

Workout for a perfect bikini body in 4 weeks 1

Anushka Sharma follows a strict diet routine and does Yoga regularly. Her trainer says that Anushka can eat almost anything as her metabolic rate is high. Isn’ that great? Wish everyone was so lucky 😉

13) Ranbir Kapoor

ranbir fittest Bollywood star

Ranbir is a total gym junkie! He makes it a point to workout. He loves consuming protein shakes as a pre-workout and post-workout food. The handsome Kapoor scion is quite fit and loves to be so!

14) Arjun Rampal

arjun rampal fittest bollywood star

Arjun Rampal is all for healthy eating and working out. He is one actor who makes it a point to turn up for his workouts no matter what happens. It is sheer hardwork plus determination.

Let these stars be our inspiration!



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