Prepare For Your First Mountain Climbing!!


How to prepare for your first mountain climbing?

This article hopefully should work for the people who are planning to prepare for their first mountain climbing. To begin with,consult a doctor or a professional trainer to know about your fitness, medical conditions (if, any) and list the goals. Ideally one should have a certain level of fitness while embarking on a mountain climbing. It’s easier to get to the next level, then. If you have been unfit over the years, set yourself a big challenge ahead! A great deal of preparation and physical output is vital lead up to the climb.


The Strategy;

Set an achievable goal; the exact training program should be tailored to you individually, and what you are hoping to accomplish:

  • Consistent Training -On deciding the date you one needs to begin the process with consistent training efforts. Start gradually, don’t exert in the beginning. Start with drinking lots of water and fluids before and after the training sessions
  • Outdoor activities -Start executing outdoor activities like Hiking (climbing uphill), climbing on snow, Rock Climbing and mountain biking. This increases the stamina and is great for your cardio, muscular & aerobics. Remember that you are climbing a high altitude which requires a great deal of physical fitness
  • Rock Climbing – Utilize Rock climbing to flex up your stamina and physical exertion levels. This is a test to one’s level of endurance, identify the skillset you require. Climbing is the best training for climbing
  • Workout on weekends – Work out on weekends and increase stamina with cycling, jogging and get enough rest too to prepare your body for the next day
  • Gym Activities – Do cardio exercises during the week, weight lifting. Set a goal for weight training, Bench Press, Pull-Ups, Squats, Dumbbell curls, Leg raises, crunches, Treadmill etc. Let the gym instructor guide you appropriately on what appropriate measures to undertake on  each training and the duration required
  • Diet – There are numerous references floating everywhere on sources of a perfect diet. Take help from a nutritionist for better understanding. A lot of people recommend scaling up caffeine, energy drinks as energy boosters before you take on climbing (if you are climbing on a snow hill too!!)
  • Regular physical workout -Activities like swimming, running (during the week) help achieve relevant muscular and cardiovascular development. Get advice from climbers group, online or look for workshops to get the specific exercises & activities you need to drive you through the training period

mountain climbing

Either it’s a high mountain climbing or a lower peak; training is the quintessential thing which will help progress. Adventures like skiing, hiking whenever possible will enable you to prepare better to climb. Balancing any sort of running with other forms of muscular training is key to achieving proper muscular fitness. In some cases the climbers are world class athletes, marathon runners and simply enthusiastic hikers who want to take their interest to a higher level.

Planning, training, implementation of the process, mental and physical conditioning are a few valuable aspects integral to prepare for your first mountain climbing. Stimulate the physical challenges that you will encounter in your journey. Be safe,keep improving your skills,do the adequate research,get the right guide,the right mountain gear and have fun in the mountains!

Hope you found this post useful!

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