Mouth Ulcers – Causes And Prevention


Causes And Prevention Of Mouth Ulcers

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Have you ever had mouth ulcers? They are quite painful and are typically round and oval sores that appear on the cheeks, tongue and lips. The problem is not huge and seems to resolve by itself but they do cause discomfort. It makes eating food, drinking fluids and brushing teeth difficult.


Find out the possible triggers that cause recurrent mouth ulcers


de-stress-and weight loss

Experts believe that stress can trigger mouth ulcers even though there is no scientific evidence. Many people report that mouth ulcers appear when they are stressed out. Stress can be an indirect cause of mouth ulcers as it can lead to bruxism (clenching or grinding of teeth while one is asleep). Bruxism can in turn hurt the delicate cheek tissues of the mouth causing ulcers.

Spicy and crunchy foods

chilli-healthy or harmful

Crunchy foods can damage the inside of the mouth and spicy foods like chillies and peppers can exacerbate the problem. Even acidic foods such as oranges, lemon and tomatoes can cause mouth ulcers.

Nutritional deficiency

In India, vitamin B12 and iron deficiencies are very common because the main sources of these nutrients are meat, fish and dairy. These deficiencies are linked to recurring mouth ulcers.

all about vitamin b12

Include more foods that are rich in vitamin B12 and iron in your diet. And if you are a vegetarian, add spinach and legumes to your diet. You can also consider taking supplements but only after talking to your doctor.


Should You Switch To A Soft Toothbrush

Oral hygiene is very important and for that you need to brush your teeth regularly. However, this does not mean that all the ingredients in your favourite toothpaste are good for you. A lot of people are allergic or sensitive to SLS or sodium lauryl sulphate which is a common ingredient in toothpastes.

This SLS is not necessary, it is only for the thick foam that you enjoy while brushing. If your toothpaste has SLS, ask your dentist to prescribe you a toothpaste that does not contain it.

Hormonal changes

Irregular periods PCOS

Menstruation is itself a pain in the neck and when it is topped with unpleasant side effects, it can turn into a roller-coaster ride. Hormonal changes during menstruation can cause mouth ulcers or sores.

Rise in progesterone levels can result in inflammation (swelling) of the mucosal tissue, growth of bacteria or a weakened immune function. It may not be surprising to know that mouth ulcers are a monthly affair for most women.

What should you do?

Mouth ulcers cause a lot of discomfort but they are quickly resolved without any intervention. At times, they can trouble you for a longer time and in such a situation, you should visit the dentist. Mouth ulcers that don’t heal can be a sign of mouth cancer! Those who smoke or drink have more chances of getting it. It is advisable that you get your mouth ulcer checked so that you can prevent major adversities.

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