Movember Special-All About Prostrate Cancer


movember made in november

Movember Special-All About Prostrate Cancer

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Hey, did you realise, Movember is here, and the men around the world are sprouting their moustaches in the month of Movember, which is in fact the month of November. This month throws the challenge to men to grow moustaches in an effort to create awareness about the changing face of men’s health. Movember was started in 2003 by Travis Garone and Luke Slattery from Melbourne, Australia, in the form of a community that has already raised about US $ 600 million till date. Raising awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems related to men. In India too in the recent years this movement has picked up pace as many celebrities too are already in the mood of Movember.

So here we hand over the stage of words to our dear Rohan for an interesting link between Prostrate Cancer and Walnuts.

Prostrate Cancer And Walnuts

 prostrate cancer

Just a cup of walnuts would help keep many safe from prostrate cancer, says a new research. Walnuts are a rich source of oils, which slow down the maniac growth of tumours and the studies have been proven when mice were fed with walnuts. In addition to that, walnuts are known to bring down cholesterol and also increase insulin sensitivity in the body – diabetes thus is taken care of as well.

Great to munch on this holiday season

Prostrate cancer and walnuts

Popularly known as a ‘superfood’, walnuts have the capability of caring for the body. Thanks to the numerous health boosting chemicals found in them, and also with omega 3 fatty acids, walnuts are warriors that fight off heart diseases and breast cancer. In a recent study organised at the esteemed University of California, Dr. Paul Davis in an interview opined that there are ways to cut the levels of IGR-1, a hormone which induces various types of cancers – breast and prostrate. Walnuts have always been avoided because of the large amounts of fats in it, but the same detriment when oiled out would be best for beating prostrate cancer, says a source.

The oils found in the fats of walnuts do not motivate prostrate cancer cells to grow, au contraire, it is just the opposite. Mice that were fed walnuts have proven to show the same over time. Each year, around 35k Britons are victims to prostrate cancer, 10k die. Studies now show (refer to the Journal of Medicinal Food) that there are plenty of beneficial properties which walnuts can provide; unique and one of a kind.

prostrate cancer iwbThe slowing down of prostrate cancer cells and cholesterol was possible with walnuts.  The oil of walnuts have omega 3s, which they say is the main catalyst in beating cancer cells. It is a combination effect, which shows the various compounds found in walnuts, along with the oil or fats of walnuts that help bring down the case of cancers – prostrate especially.

To quote the expert Dr Davis  ‘The energy effects from decreasing IGF-1 seem to muck up the works so the cancer cannot grow as fast as it normally would. ‘Also, reducing cholesterol means cancer cells may not get enough of it to allow these cells to grow quickly.’

How do you check if you have symptoms of prostrate cancer?

 prostrate cancer indiaDRE:

Also known as the Digital Rectal Exam, this is when a certified doctor would insert a finger into the rectum of the patient and check for ‘abnormalities’. The prostrate would be felt through the walls of the rectum – misshaped and hardened areas would be found, if any and a PSA test would follow.

 PSA Test:

Also known as theprostate-specific antigen’ test –  it is a protein which in the past was thought to be manufactured by the prostrate gland, which now doesn’t hold true, because in the body it is made everywhere, and not only in males. In PSA, doctors would check for PSA levels present in the bloodstream, if it is high – prostrate cancer alarm bells would be sounded off for the patient.

 prostrate test

How to prepare for the test?

There isn’t anything to be embarrassed or ashamed off – men take notice here. If you haven’t done the PSA test, you wouldn’t know if you have the condition being born in you or not. And, sometimes it is too late for the ‘man’ to know – we don’t want that happening to you.

  • Speak to a specialist and do so in confidence
  • Watch a lot of happy programs on television
  • No sex 24 hours prior to the examination, it raises the PSA levels
  • 40 and above – get the PSA test done
  • Elevated PSA doesn’t mean you have the condition, even if your PSA level is between 4-10, only 1 in 4 men have prostrate cancer – talk to your doctor.
  • There could be other reasons for prostrate cancer to happen – age, race, ethnicity etc, check the odds with the doctor

Ignoring the PSA isn’t advised, and walnuts alone cannot be a cure – your doctors words would take precedence over what is said here or anywhere online, anyday!

Hope you were more aware after reading this post about Movember Special-All About Prostrate Cancer!

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