Muay Thai and its Amazing Health Benefits!


Muay Thai and its Health Benefits!

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If you have you ever tried a hand at boxing, you would love Muay Thai! It is a martial art that requires you to have athletic abilities. Let’s discuss the health benefits of Muay Thai in this post! Keep reading!

1) Improved cardiovascular health

Muay Thai is different, all other sports and physical activities can’t even compete with this martial art when you talk about the cardiovascular benefits that it can deliver. Being a combination of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, it has a huge impact on the cardiopulmonary system. As you keep practicing it, there will be an improvement in your cardiovascular health.

2) Enhances leg strength

The main role is played by the kicking and the footwork involved in this sport. Kicking helps in building the strength of the muscles of the lower body. All the body muscles will get benefitted by practicing the different kicks and footwork. Right from increasing muscle endurance to making your calves look good, Muay Thai does it all!

3) Building core strength

The movements of this sport helps in strengthening the core. All the defensive, striking and clinching moves will help every student of Muay Thai to build a strong core.

4) Increase in hip mobility

Though you can’t expect it to happen instantly, but as you keep practicing the sport, you can find an increase in hip mobility and the credit goes to the kicking and kneeing moves of the sport. Just because your hips are healthy it does not mean that you won’t have any serious hip related ailments later on. You should make foam rolling and stretching a part of your routine. A massage now and then, will do wonders to the health of your hip.

5) Provides stress relief

There is nothing like a natural stress buster like Muay Thai. Most of us keep bottling up all the stress throughout the day and we obviously need a spout to let it all out or else there can be an explosion 😉 Muay Thai provides that outlet and does wonders to your mental and physical health. If you are annoyed with something or stressed out, you would naturally feel like hitting someone to feel good again. With Muay Thai, you get to do just that. The martial art lets you focus only on yourself. It will help you find your inner self and teach you how to detach yourself from the daily humdrum. You will turn into someone more carefree and happy with life.

Final thoughts

If you feel that you are not made for a martial art like Muay Thai, you should think again. It is suitable for anyone who wants to get fitter and healthier. However, remember that you should adapt the workout according to your fitness level when you are new to this martial art. You can always modify a drill according to your convenience. Additionally, there is a risk of injury when you start any new kind of workout. So, it is advised talk to your doctor before trying it out and let your coach know about your medical history. Take the necessary precautions and get going!

Hope you liked learning what Muay Thai is all about!

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