Murginns Butter Garlic & Herbs Review

murginns butter review

Murginns Butter Garlic & Herbs Review

Hello Fitness lovers,

Today I have an interesting food product review for you all and this is a new kind of flavored butter that has been launched by Murginns and has the Garlic & Herbs variant available. So lets know how this butter tastes and is it good enough to be tried or not!

murginns butter review

About  Murginns Butter Garlic & Herbs

Garlic and Herb Butter is a classic combination that is wildly popular. Garlic and fresh herbs are combined to create an amazing flavor that can be conveniently used on variety of breads and grilled vegetables and fish etc. in one step, with no fuss.

Price– INR 125 for 125g

Ingredients-Known to consist Garlic flavor, Oregano herb & other herbs as well.

murginns butter composition

My Experience with  Murginns Butter Garlic & Herbs

Well, if you happen to like garlic flavor then you are surely going to prefer this butter over the plain salted butter as this tastes great as a spread with sandwiches or just a simple toast. The garlic flavor makes it really tasteful with the oregano aroma infused in the butter.

You may have often hear of the Garlic bread from many of its admirers so if you wish to have a taste of it without ordering it at any food joint, try this garlic & oregano butter for the close enough taste of Garlic bread at the ease of your own kitchen.

This healthy butter can easily be spread over any bread you want. It’s really creamy with a perfect blend of garlic essence and herbs that makes it perfect for a sandwich spread. And if you bake it, you get a true taste of garlic bread, which can be a good start for your day!

murginns butter texture

There is a common notion among people that fatty food items are harmful for the heart and overall health and eating butter is generally related to the increased chances of obesity.

There have been studies which have proved that butter contains fatty acids which are good for the overall health of the heart.

It is also observed that Cholesterol found in butter is essential for the brain & Central Nervous System and is usually absorbed from the blood stream through the butter intake.

Butter is also essential in protecting the young & elderly people from usual gastro-intestinal disorders.

However processed butter may not be an ideal food item to be included in the diet as it may not be considered as healthy as homemade natural butter.

What I like about Murginns Butter Garlic & Herbs?-

  • Better taste than plain salted butter
  • Tastes yummy
  • Includes garlic & herbs which are good for the heart
  • Comes from a renowned brand in dairy food range
  • Easily available
  • Decently priced

What I don’t like about Murginns Butter Garlic & Herbs?-

  • People who don’t like garlic taste may not find it pleasing

Rating– 4/5

Have you tried Murginns Butter Garlic & Herbs?-

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