Must Have Things In Your Gym Bag


Heya Everyone,

Happy Weekend ! I am planning to shift my apartment for some reasons and looking for an area that has gym at a walking distance. I am so excited to join a good fitness club;I am bored of working out at home.

Since its been a long time I did not go to gym, I made a shopping list, although I always end up buying everything else apart from my list 🙁

I realized that I am running short of a few must have items in the gym bag, hence this post 😉

Must Have Things In Your Gym Bag

Must Have Things In Your Gym Bag

1. Gym Bag

Ofcourse if you don’t have a bag, how will you go to gym 😉 . Sorry for this bad joke, sometimes I fail to keep control over my madness!

2. Sipper/Water Bottle

You can’t afford to compromise on hydration. The ideal way to hydration is to start water intake well before you hit the gym. Tips for ideal hydraton here.

I personally prefer sippers over water bottles. I just keep sipping water while I workout. Water bottles need to be opened and closed n I am too lazy for it lol . Another point is that sippers are usually too classy to show off 😀

3. Deodorant

This is for your use and for others’ rescue 😛 . I use deodorant before and after workout too. I prefer taking shower at home, hence using deodorant after workout is a necessity.

4. Towel

A small towel to wash away your sweat is a must have for girls and guys both. I use the towel below my head on the exercise mat too, for hygienic purpose.

5. Clothes

You need fresh clothes in addition to gym clothes if you are taking a shower in the gym.

6. Sanitizer

Many people don’t carry sanitizer, I prefer using it as soon as I am done with workout. Although, there are cleaners on every floor of a good gym who clean the equipments before you start using them but I still find sanitizer mandatory to use after workout.

7. Comb/Hair accessories

must haves in gym bag

I carry a comb in my bag always. I prefer a pony tail and a head band while working out so that the hair doesn’t fall on your forehead and face while you work out. I see  ladies with full makeup working out in the gym, its a No No if your intention is to workout and take care of your skin.

8. Socks and Shoes

Needless to say, you can’t workout without socks and shoes. A guide to select right kind of shoes here and here.

9. Sports bra/Supporters

Sports bra and supporters are must haves for girls and boys respectively.

Have I left any must have things in gym bag ? Share with us !

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