Must Know Benefits Of Using Copper Vessels (Tamba)


Must Know Benefits Of Using Copper Vessels

Copper is known to be a metal which is also an essential element required for the proper metabolic functioning of the body. Many people follow the practice of keeping water overnight in a copper jug and then drinking it at night. There is a scientific reason associated with  it which actually works in the balancing the electrolyte balance in the body which is useful in treating many diseases and health issues in an effective manner.

must know benefit of copper vessel

Come winter and I start keeping water in this copper vessel.It’s five year old  and I like how antique it has started looking now.Its little on the higher side .Nowadays a two copper glass cost INR 1400 or 1500 so imagine this copper pot must be of now.I got it of 1500 some five years ago so I have no idea how much it is of now.

There are basically three Doshas which are known to affect the health of the body in the Ayurvedic belief and these three doshas are- Kapha, Vata & Pitta which are known to affect the various parts of the body with the changes in the way of living causing many other disorders.

A copper jug full of water when kept for the night , the water is known as Tamra Jal and is known to treat all the three doshas of the body and relive the body from the issues arising due to these doshas.

The Tamra jal is known to regulate the digestive process of the body which is one of the crucial systems of the body and its normal functioning leads to other related functions of the body.

So now lets know about the many benefits of copper metal for the body and how it helps the body in remaining healthy in a holistic way!

Benefits Of Copper-

  • Copper is believed to have anti-oxidant & anti-carcinogenic properties which inhibit the multiplication of cells in the body thereby reducing the chances of cancer in any form.
  • A metal by nature, it is known to heals wounds and relieves the body from muscle or joint pain!
  • For the proper functioning of the body it is important that other essential compounds like iron & sugar absorption takes place efficiently and copper is known to do this. It also helps in the cell regeneration process.
  • For an overall cardio vascular functioning, copper is an essential requirement
  • Copper is also known to slow down the aging process by delaying any signs of ore-mature aging of the skin cells or any other age related issue like cataracts, arthritis or heart related diseases.
  • One of the most important functions of Copper metal for the body is to regulate and check the proper functioning of thyroid glands which is known to create so many hormonal disorders in the body, especially in women.
  • Other degenerative disorders like reduction in bone, hemoglobin synthesis and body immunity  are some of the main issues which are regulated by the regular use of Copper in daily life.
  • People who wish to loose weight have a good news as copper is also known to help in regulating the metabolism which in turn aids in loosing body weight by acting on the unhealthy fats in the body which are reasons to cause obesity!

Deficiency of Copper can lead to disorders like low RBCs, osteoporosis, thyroid issues, high cholesterol and major skin problems. Since the body is not self sufficient to synthesis copper, it needs to be taken through various sources keeping in mind the permitted amount of this metal in the body.

Basically, copper is known to be found in trace amounts in honey, beans, green vegetables etc. but the best form of ensuring a regular copper intake is to drink the Tamra Jal.

Use a copper jug with a lid to store water for about 4 hours and then drink that water early in the morning  empty stomach. This will surely help in flushing out most of the toxins through excretion. The copper utensil should not be used to store any other food or liquid item as copper tends to react with certain food items and storing those in a copper utensils may have an adverse effect on the body, so make sure to use only water in a pure copper jug for drinking its water.

Well, I hope you all find this info useful and do give a thought to start using copper utensil for drinking water!

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