Must Know Tips For Easy Meal Planning


Must Know Tips For Easy Meal Planning

Meal Planning is probably one of the most haunting thoughts for women who like to prepare food for their family. Even if they outsource cooking food for their family “What’s for Dinner?” thoughts keep re-visiting them as the clock indicates time for supper! Be it a self made or by a domestic help, meal planning is surely one of the important tasks a woman needs to deal with in her kitchen all through her life. I am no different and spend time thinking about how to utilize my kitchen supplies for proper meals for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

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So, I have come up with these basic tips which every woman, working or non-working , can follow and bring these into practice to save themselves from the extra thinking & discussions which happen over ” Aj khane me kya banega?” :-p

Allot a theme food for weekends

By this it will be easier for everyone at home in including you to stop worrying about what to cook for dinner which is liked by everyone and in the process you may end wasting a lot of time in the constant confusion. Decide along with all family members on a specific type of food you would prefer to have on weekends. It may include dishes of your choice, or snacks which one usually has for breakfast and likewise.

Utilizing Leftovers

Many of you may not agree with this but leftovers can be actually helpful in cutting down the time you spend on deciding what to cook. Cooking in bulk will leave you with ample time for other chores and save a huge portion of time from your schedule. Just make sure to store the leftovers properly in the refrigerator.

Proper plan for busy days

how to i manage my time

There are days in a week when a person is usually really busy, it may be Monday or friday depends totally on your work environment. So, the tip is to avoid any experiments in the kitchen during these days of the week. Instead show your cooking skills on a relaxed day. For busy days, toss around the kitchen with your favorite and easily prepared dish and save time from already ticking clock!

Ask for some help

There is nothing wrong in doing that as you are not going to make them wash all the utensils or clean the kitchen platform or the dining table. You are just asking for a helping hand in some of the tasks to be done before dinner. Arranging the plates, serving dishes are just to name a few.

Always come up with an alternate plan

This is something  which happens with most of us as all of us are busy and submerged in work & home that certain things or ingredients just slip off our mind. So even if you have pre-planned cooking something, there is quite possibility that one of the essential ingredients from the dish might just not appear anywhere in sight when you are proceeding to cook. So , there must be an alternate dish that you need to come up with in cases like these to save you from a mismanaged situation.

Make a meal plan for the week

This is really important to make a list of items which are liked by all family members and schedule it properly so that they get to enjoy their favorite food without so many thoughts on each day! Remember hostel days !!

Allot time for Meal Planning

Meal planning doesn’t happens in mind as it has to go through so much that the list you prepared in your mind may just fail to show when you really wish to remember what all you had planned. Pen down the meals for each day according to weeks and take out time for this too just as you take out time for “Things to do” notes!

Save time by making alternate list

Well, if you are working or not taking out time for making lists is really tough these days with so much activities one needs to do at home and office. You can do your bit my making two lists side by side. One for the meals for the entire week and other for the shopping items you need to make all those food items. Because you won’t be able to manage time for another list and even if you do , there is quite possibility that you may miss certain items and end up being sorry about it!

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