8 Must Know Tips For Running

running practice India

Must Know Tips For Running

You all are aware about the Running practice I have been doing since weeks to take part in the Airtel Half Marathon in Delhi which I already shared that couldn’t happen.

Being a new runner, I was not so positive about the tremendous benefits of running and only used to admire people who used to practice running for their fitness. I always relied on fitness exercises like weight training a I wanted to lose weight more than anything.

But after I decided to take part in the Marathon, I followed the running practice as a great means to stay fit and active along with losing excess calories. After all these 9-10 weeks of Running practice I can happily announce myself a runner now so I think I can tell you some of the basics of running and tips on what things to avoid when you are practicing running for a sound mind & body.

So here are some really essential tips to be aware of, before practicing running.

running practice India

Buy a good pair of Shoes-

A good pair of shoes ensure that there is no risk of injury due to the wrong tap of your feet which may cause internal motion problems. Pick up the right shoes as per your shoes size and see that they are comfortable for you to walk or run and then go ahead to buy it. It will help in proper positioning of your ankles on the ground while running.

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Learn some basic warm-up exercise-

It is equally important to know some warm up exercise like knee circle, hip rotations, ankle rolls etc. to prepare your legs for the running session. Don’t just jump out on the field and start running!

Always Hydrate yourself properly-

It is really important to drink at least 250-500ml water half an hour before going out for running. In case you are going out for a longer running practice then carry a water bottle along with you to avoid dehydration after the rigorous physical activity.

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Never run immediately after a heavy meal-

It is really essential to understand that heavy meals should be strictly avoided before running and if you had a heavy meal, then in any case don’t go for running before 3 hours of your meal as it is going to take this much time to digest the food and provide energy. It is better to munch in dry fruits, a banana or peanut butter as they are going to give you energy for the running and are comparatively easily absorbed by the body than the solid meals.

 Begin running practice slowly-

Always make sure to begin slowly initially and then take up a medium pace. Don’t worry about going on for a faster pace at the beginning only as that may leave your legs with cramps after the running gets over.

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Always Stretch after running-

It is really important to stretch your legs muscles after the running is over so that they are relaxed for the rest of the day. Stretching also helps your body to cool down and also to pump blood to all arts of the body.

Can Stretching hurt you pre workout

Opt For a Protein Diet-

IF you are a regular runner always make sure to include more of protein in your diet so as to replenish the lost nutrients in your body and rebuild them.

Always relax your legs after running-

Soaking your legs in lukewarm water will increase blood circulation and oxygen supply which will further help in relaxing the muscles after the running session.

Well, these were few of the most essential tips. I may be skipping a few tips as many things depend on the existing physical fitness of the person who wishes to adopt Running as a potential way to ensure physical fitness & remain active.

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