Is Mustard Oil Healthier Than Refined Oil?


Is Mustard Oil Healthier Than Refined Oil? Find out!

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A lot of people these days are suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and it is pretty saddening. This clearly indicates that our food choices and lifestyle is not right. So, most people are getting more conscious about heart health and are always on the lookout for ways to promote it.

When it comes to food, oil is one of the most essential components that can’t be avoided. Hence, it is better to learn more about the different kinds of cooking oils available.

Mustard oil or sarson ka tel has been an integral part of our Indian culture. It is being used since ages to cook all kinds of foods. Our previous generation used to do most of their cooking in the good old sarson ka tel. Now, there is another kind of oil that is being used widely by most of us and that is refined oil. It is processed to meet the needs of the consumer. Choosing a cooking oil that is really good for health is getting difficult with every passing day.

Is Mustard Oil Healthier Than Refined Oil?

Health benefits offered by mustard oil

Mustard oil, as you must be aware, is derived from mustard seeds. The oil is slightly pungent and is dark yellow in colour. It contains healthy fats that don’t get accumulated in the blood vessels. The oil is also rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and is known to reduce the levels of cholesterol. Mustard oil contains an antimicrobial ingredient called Glucosinolate. It is known to protect you from infections.

All this sounds too good, doesn’t it? Now let’s learn a tad about refined oils.

What is refined oil? Is it beneficial?

Natural oils that are processed in order to get rid of impurities, odour and contaminants are called refined oils. They are treated chemically to give the oil a clearer appearance and also meet the needs of the consumers. Though the health benefits of refined oil are not well documented, it is known that they are treated to cater to specific consumers and that is why you are able to find refined oils for heart patients.

There is also something called filtered oil. This oil is only filtered to eliminate the impurities. There is no chemical processing done in this particular oil. This makes filtered oil better than its refined counterpart.

Downside of consuming mustard oil

In spite of the fact that mustard oil is considered to a healthy cooking oil, researchers say that the heavy consumption of mustard oil can cause diarrhea or anemia as it has a heavy amount of erucic acid. Additionally, the oil is known to lead to Rhinitis and skin eruptions. Therefore, consume the oil in moderation to avoid the undesired side effects.

Downside of consuming refined oil

The harmful effects of refined oils are way more than those of mustard oil. Since refined oil is chemically treated, it is quite harmful. The refining process makes use of nickel which has very harmful effects on the skin, respiratory system and the liver. During the processing of refined oil, certain preservatives and sodium chloride are added. This causes harm to the digestive system.

Final verdict

Stick to mustard oil as in spite of certain issues, it is way better than consuming refined oil.

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