My 6 Months Bikini Challenge


Weight Loss-My 6 Months Bikini Challenge

Hii all!!

So the may heat is back, I like this weather as my skin glows due to crazy sweating and due to this heat I hardly feel like eating anything. So coming to the point of the challenge, 6months from now that’s in October, I have to go to Goa for a friends bachelorette party. This time I have decided instead of wearing the typical sleeveless tunics, I am gona be wearing Bikini top for her pool party.

I know a BIKINI actually!!!!! And to make things worst my friend has openly challenged me on various social Media site, so now you know its really time to gear up.

My 6 Months Bikini Challenge is on.

So I have decided to share my journey with my IWB family to keep me motivated. I will blog my weight/inch loss every month about my progress, alongwith my pics. So this is my 1st pic. I know looks good with all clothes, but scroll down to more better look, that’s the closest I have been to wearing a bikini.

My 6 Months Bikini Challenge


And I have decided every month to click a pic in the same clothes to get more clear progress.

My current stats is my Chest size is 37.5 inches and I aim to bring it down to 34inches(2.5inches, basically approx 0.5 inch loss a month) And my Natural waist (naval point) 32.5inches and aim is to bring it down to 28inches (4.5inches approx 1inch a month) And my weight, I currently weigh 78kgs, hope to bring it down to 72kgs(6kgs, approx. 1kg loss a month).

Well that’s the goal, now focusing on the Plan of Action for the coming month-

  • I plan to start cycling more not gym cycle a proper cycling on roads (around 200kms a month)
  • To focus more on walking than just running(walk min 90mins a day)
  • To join dance for weekends either zumba or Salsa
  • To do minimum 200 suryanamskar a week
  • And to start abs exercises(as per my gym instructor guidance)
  • To not eat more than twice outside.

Well That’s the aim, I hope I stick to the plan and yes very important my DIET . I will update you about it after 1month. so finger crossed. Prayers on and its time to buckle up..:))

In My 6 Months Bikini Challenge, my accomplice are my shoes and

My Bikini Challenge 3

My Bikini Challenge 5

“6months from now I would regret not starting it today” .

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