My Experience at Rishikul Yogashala


My Experience At Rishikul Yogashala

Hii all,

I work for retail so Diwali was a crazy time for us, so around end of November I was really looking to go out somewhere to distress myself. And I got this opportunity through my yoga teacher who suggested that we attend yoga camp which takes place in rishikesh. The name is Rishikul Yogshala.  Its famous for its Yoga teacher training course.

Let me share with you my experience at Rishikul Yogashala.

Rishikul yogashala experience 3

We had planned to stay at the camp for 4 days. And in order to save money on commuting we had booked our tickets till Delhi and taken a bus from Delhi till rishikesh (approx. 5-6hrs)

On the 1st day of arrival we were welcomed by the traditional way by having a small puja for us. We were group of 10 girls. And the most surprising part was at the camp except us there were only foreigners from various parts of the world. The camp is situated between the Ganges and the start of Himalaya Mountains. So 1 hop and you can witness the beautiful Ganges and 1 hop you are near the peaceful mountains.

Rishikul yogashala experience 1

After our induction we were given our 4 day itinerary. Of which the schedule included as follows.

  • Wake up: 5:30–Starting the day early, Hatha classes are conducted. Each & every asana is broken down for better understanding.
  • Pranayama at 7:30- Rejuvenating the mind & soul, morning is considered to be the perfect time for the controlled breathing practices.
  • Yoga Philosophy 10:00: From history to science under yoga, this theory class will be food for thought.
  • Mantra Chanting 11:30- Mantras hold a significant position in the Indian yogic philosophy and we offer a deep learning & understanding of the same.
  • Yoga anatomy 3:00- Exposing the internal working of bones, systems and respiration that effects asanas is discussed.
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa 4:30- An intensive part of the day, Ashtanga requires deep commitment and is taken by the Ashtanga Guru, popular all across Rishikesh.
  • Meditation 6:30 – Focused on a calm conclusion of the day, including meditation chakra cleansing, meditation etc. is undertaken to achieve maximized results.

Rishikul yogashala experience 5

This is what mostly our schedule is to be for every day, but since we were just for a short span. We were allowed to miss few classes and explore the city. But we had to attend Hatha yoga class in morning and Ashtanga Vinyasa in evening.

Let me tell you my personal say on it.

I have been doing yoga for past 2 years, but it was an eye-opener when we went there. It was magical. I realized I was doing almost every asana wrong. It was not just about the body posture but the focus was on breathing the flow and the rhythm. Like I said it was magical. I never felt more alive.

I have been struggling to do head stand from past 2 years, and I managed to do the same in just 4 days. That’s the power of this camp.

Also the food served was totally amazing. As there are mostly foreigners and most of them are weight watchers they have arrangements for them, like you are served brown rice, salads, soups, green teas. Also they ensure that the food is cooked in very less oil. As I went in winters, I enjoyed all blanched spinach, stir fried veggies and brown rice vegetable pulao. I tell you it was heaven. It’s a place where you can eat and never gain. 🙂

Rishikul yogashala experience 2

Also at rishikesh, for an adventure lover like me there was variety of options to satisfy my adrenaline rush. We did small treks around, night at the river banks, White-water rafting. And for the spiritual lovers we had the famous Ganga aarti every evening, and for spa lovers massages at dirt cheap prices. 😀

Told you its heaven.. 😉 the price of the stays comes to approx. 2k per day including food +accommodation+ yoga training.

My verdict must try for all. And yes I am going back again for a month to do their 200 hrs yoga teacher training course. 🙂

As picture says a thousand words, let me share some more pics with you.

   Rishikul yogashala experience 4   Rishikul yogashala experience 6Will you like to go to a Yoga camp too?

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