My Experience Of India’s Toughest Marathon


My Experience Of India’s Toughest Marathon

Hii all!!

Well, you might be aware I am very passionate about running, and have been running now for the past 2 years. It is among the best things that has happened to me, if I had not become fat, I don’t think so I would ever have run, and I thank god for making me fat for that. Here is my experience of India’s toughest Marathon.

Well, I have run many marathons in Mumbai, but this time I took a step forward and decided to go to Hyderabad to run their half marathon.

Hydrabad Marathon

Why Hyderabad??

Because it’s the toughest city Marathon, and the reason being it’s a complete hill run, there are no flat tracks and worst there are 3 flyovers to cross which I tell you are a herculean task and what aggravates it more is the weather.



Due to a slight knee injury I wasn’t running at all for last 2months, and had moved on focusing more on yoga, weight training, walking and cycling, also was aiming to lose weight as more lighter you get, one can run much faster.

But knowing that this marathon involves lots of slopes and uphill’s, I decided to strengthen my calves by climbing stairs regularly, so every day I would climb 50 floors (my office is on 10th floor and I would climb it 5 times over the day) also I would take steps wherever possible, though I was not sure that time that will it help but I can swear that all these small practices helped me on D-day.. J

The day….

So finally, on the day we all gathered for the race, we had some really bad news, the pacers(these are people who help you to finish a race at a stipulated time) informed that the weather seems really bad and extremely hot, and from 6am in the morning itself the sun was bright and shining. I had my doubts on completing it also. But I kept myself assured that no matter what I will keep myself hydrated well (you don’t realize that in run when you might dehydrate, as the thirst sensation is at it minimalist) and follow a breathing pattern (running is all breathing)

And surprisingly I was surprised by the way I completed the race, in the time I had least expected and most important Injury –free.

And I managed this only because of my dedicated efforts with Weight training which helps in strengthening your muscles, regular yoga which helps in creating a rhythm in your breathing and cycling, as it an amazing cross training which is essential for reducing injury, increasing running efficiency and improving your endurance.

My Experience Of India's Toughest Marathon

I have been running Half-marathons since past 2 years and aim to move to full marathon by next year. *fingers Crossed*

Why run marathons

-To shut up people around who thought you could never do anything.

-To help various causes and pool funds for NGOs and charity.

-It helps you to be motivated.

-It gives you a reason to talk in public, when you run out of conversations.

– It feels cool to call yourself a runner.

– And most importantly Run for Yourself, to know that nothing is impossible.

Are you inspired by Swati’s experience of her Hydrabad Marathon?