My Health And Fitness Regime These Days


The Health And Fitness Regime I Follow These Days

Heya Everyone,

It has been a really long time I have not shared anything on my fitness progress. Finally, today is the day 😀 . If you are a regular reader of IWB, you would know that I have been training with a personal trainer for quite some time now. When I started, I could not last for more than 20 minutes.

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After the first session, I was breathless. My heart forgot to beat and the only thought on my mind was – “If I am able to catch my breath, I will never do it again”! I have been going to gym, doing Leslie’s walk at home workouts and also walking before this personal training. Never knew it would be such a bummer 🙁 . As my breath became normal and I finished my dinner, I decided I want to make it work! Yes, I can’t give up like this, never!

Below are 3 things that I did, to improve my stamina –

When I started running, I would run for less than a minute and then stop to catch my breath. I failed to run continuously. I thought to myself, why not just jog at a much lower speed and try covering more distance. And voila the trick worked! I found a comfortable pace at which I was able to run for more than 4 minutes non stop! This is called the aerobic zone. You just need to find out your comfortable speed at which you can run without getting breathless. Ever since I have started running, my stamina has increased. Moreover, my mind hits a peaceful state and its aah such a bliss!

I ensured that I have a small pre-workout meal. I made the mistake of eating 2-3 hours before workout and not eating anything as pre-workout snack. Pre-workout meal must comprise of complex carbohydrates so that it keeps you energetic during exercise.

Ditch perfection! I have learnt it the hard way. There are days I am not able to push myself to workout the way I should. There are days when I am not able to get up from my a** like during chums 🙁 . Accept that every day is not same and make the most of the days you workout!

Today I am able to workout for eggzactly 1 hour with my trainer, yayyy 🙂 .  I burn 450-600 calories in an hour, depending on the nature of workout! Needless to say,  my trainer makes me slog, of course he is paid to do it 😉

Its too early to say how my body would transform in the coming months but I am happy that my strength and flexibility has improved to a level that I never imagined. I have always had a stiff body. As a kid, I would never be able to touch my toes without bending my knees. I hope that takes you back to your P.T class in school 😉 . Today when I stretch my body, I realize that there is nothing like a stiff body, just that your muscles get jammed when you don’t use them. In our daily activities, we don’t use many muscles and when we workout, we feel we are not flexible enough which is totally wrong!

I will keep sharing my small victories more regularly, you too do share your fitness routines with us. We are all ears 🙂

Till we meet again,



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