My Himalayas Trekking Experience And Weight Loss


My Himalayas Trekking Experience And Weight Loss

Hiii All!!

Sorry for being away for so long, work and lots more things at personal front has stopped me from writing to you all. Well let me tell you what I did for my summer vacation. If you are like me trying to lose weight and is crazy adventure lover, then this is for you.

I went for a trek to Himalayas..Yeps The HIMALAYAS.

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Well let me give you a brief of Exactly where I went, I went to trek at Roopkund. Roopkund (locally known as Mystery Lake)is a high altitude glacial lake in Uttarakhand state of India, lies in the lap of Trishul massif and famous due to hundreds of human skeletons found at the edge of the lake. The location is uninhabited and is located in Himalaya at an altitude of about 5,029 meters (16,499 feet).The lake is surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers and snow clad mountains, making it a good trekking destination (source- Wikipedia).

We were a group of 30 people and the trek was organized by Indiahikes(you can google it for more information or visit their website, also there are many other trek organisers)

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This Trek was one of my best experience of life, the best part is that you have no access to Phone calls, msgs, mails for most part of the trek, your completely in touch with nature, you can eat all that you want and without gaining weight.. 😀  fact most people lost around 4-5kgs.. I just lost 2kgs 🙁

But its just not during the trek that you lose weight, since this trek is of medium level. There is a certain level of fitness needed for the same; your lungs should be as fit that you should be able to run easily 5kms in 30mins. And to achieve this most people need to start running minimum 2-3months in advance.

As I had planned to carry my bag, and not take a porter(who carries the bag for you) for this I would daily climb 40 floors along with a bag on my shoulders with 10kgs dumbbell in it and I did this for nearly a month, I am proud to say I was the only girl who was carrying her bag in the complete trek..  🙂

Also a lot of discipline is needed for such treks, you need to be in the habit of sleeping early and getting up early, you would not want to sleep-walk on a mountain..:P

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I must recommend everybody to once experience the same; I have changed since the day of trek.

You will start appreciating small things in life , which we many times take it for granted, even a basic sanitation which is a luxury for people who reside there (I swear I almost kissed the pot seat and warm water) 😉

Well the complete expenditure to such treks comes around 20-24k

  • Cost of the trek to be paid to the trekking group- 10k
  • Cost of your gears (bags, trek shoes& lots of other small stuffs)- 5k

Travelling (Mumbai-Delhi-basecamp and return)- 5k(assuming the traveling is via train 3AC)

The experience- Priceless 🙂

And yes I plan to this again of course not the same place but my next aim is RupinPass.. (google it ;))

weight loss by trekking

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