My Latest Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight Post Lockdown Special


My Latest Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight

Post Lockdown Special

Heya Everyone,

Now that the lockdown is opening up In my journey towards a healthy and fit body, I have decided to make changes in my lifestyle every 10 days so that I have enough time to adjust. Good habits are not easy to adapt for a person like me (Read – I am a foodie and a lazy bum πŸ˜› ).

So let’s start with easy lifestyle changes I have made this week to kick start my weight loss.

  • Replaced refined oil with Olive oil for cooking

Read the benefits of using Olive oil here. Although I have always been using good refined Oil like Saffola still it is not beneficial for us. As far as cost is concerned, Olive oil is expensive but if you are using non-stick cookware, it will not hurt your pockets too much. Generally, I have seen better bargains on Olive oil in big supermarkets and online too. For families, you should never miss such a deal. So, Olive oil in, refined oil out. You can also use coconut oil for your cooking, it is equally good.

  • Replaced Sugar with Stevia

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I am totally a tea addict. I need my morning tea else I feel doomed πŸ˜›

Tea and coffee lovers generally overdo sugar in their bodies. Sugar is the biggest devil in our meals, please please stay away from it unless you have low sugar or any other medical problem. There are many artificial sweeteners in the market and I have used almost all the variants. I have switched to Stevia sweetener since it is low in carbohydrates and does not contain Aspartame. The sweetener is made of Stevia, a plant with naturally sweet leaves. So, Stevia in, Sugar out πŸ™‚

My Latest Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight

  • Raw food before every meal

You might have understood that all calories are not the same. I am trying my best to eat some raw foods, say a fruit or salad half an hour before every meal. Fiber helps in the digestion of food, so my meal is digested in a better way. Also, I eat in proportion since I have had salad or fruit, my meal quantity is controlled.

  • No water after having meals

When we drink water after food, our digestion process slows down. So, I have started to wait for at least half-hour after my meals to drink water.

Processed foods out of my kitchen – Yes, you have read it right. I have removed all the processed foods (Read – Maggi, pasta, cookies, white bread, etc ). If they are present in my kitchen, I tend to eat them at some point in time. Avoiding processed foods is a very important factor to gear your weight loss.

These five lifestyle changes –

  1. Olive oil instead of refined oil,

  2. Stevia instead of sugar,

  3. Raw food before meals,

  4. No water after meals,

  5. No processed foods.

My Latest Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight are going to be with me forever and I don’t think I would have a problem following them religiously even after the lockdown due to Covid-19 opens up completely.

What changes have you made to be healthy? Share with us, after all, collaboration is the way to succeed πŸ™‚


  1. It is said that Olive oil is not good when heated up so one can use coconut oil too if u like the taste.

  2. Olive oil is stable at high temperature. It is monosaturated fat , just that it tastes sour when heated πŸ˜›

  3. Aaah, means i can still use olive oil for salad dressing and to toss my veggies. But what do we use for cooking then ? I dont like coconut oil πŸ™
    Lemme check if i can use lil bit of homemade ghee

  4. I still use IT sometime …but its not recommended all the time..even i m not fond of coconut oil so i keep changing oil…i even use mustard oil.

  5. Ana, i use mustard oil for dry dishes which we like to have crisp like bhindi aur bharta. May be just change the oil as per the dish πŸ™‚

  6. nice post Tarun…I always binge into dry fruits to satisfy my hunger pangs…mostly almonds with walnuts and 2-3 pieces of cashews, raisins, pista…also include a date n fig….quite filling….keep me going for a good time…:-)

  7. Hi Anju,

    I always have almonds and walnuts before going to the gym..It gives me lot of energy and i feel great while working out πŸ™‚

  8. I switched to stevia too but it does make my tea a bit bitter.. so I switched back to sugar πŸ™ Do you also taste the bitterness or it is something to do with the brand that I use.

  9. Deepika, I have heard people say that it tastes bitter sometimes. I am not sure which brand are you using. You can try putting stevia directly into your cooked tea and not in the pan with the ingredients while cooking. See it that helps. The pic that you see, i bought this from goodlife and it tastes fine.

    I know that you are trying to lose weight, so one advice :P. If you take half a spoon sugar in your tea and your maximum intake is 2 cups tea a day, its okay. If you hoard tea anytime like me πŸ˜› , switch to stevia

  10. olive oil is good for cooking and salad dressing..just that you have to use light olive oil for cooking and virgin or extra virgin for salad dressing..light olive oil can be heated not virgin or extra virgin oil..same with almost all virgin oils..i use pure mustard oil, desi ghee and olive oil for cooking..mustard oil has a good omega3 to 6 ratio..and is wonderful in many of the subzies..and pls dont use any refined oils-someone mentioned rice bran above-..they are just horrible. from the chemicals used to extract oils from the seeds(, corn) or bran to the chemicals used to refine the the process lot of chemicals are used and these oils dont even have adequate omega 3 that prevents inflammation…keep up with what you are eating..ghee or olive oil will never harm you..saying from my personal experience..if you can cut down on grains, especially wheat, that will do wonders to your body..and dont take stevia too much..if you have a sweet tooth you will have that problem, i of recovering form cervical spondylosis by diet..and after few months of dieting i think i have it it under control..

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