My Life and Weight Loss Mission

My Life and Weight Loss Mission

My Life and Weight Loss Mission


Today is “Talk Day” 😀 . People say that if you talk a lot, people tend to avoid you or escape. Please don’t run from here 😛 , I am not going to bore you, I promise !

IWB is a part and parcel of my existence and so are you IWB readers and the team.. I have made some great friends here 🙂 . A lot has been happening in my life, I couldn’t resist sharing with you my life and weight loss mission.

The Next Big Leap

We have taken a big leap to make IWB big. The new website link is now . You will soon see a lot of initiatives in the coming days, watch out this space.

I am lucky to have a great team of writers and supportive readers. Thanks guys, this success is Ours ! No ‘thanks’ to Anamika, I don’t think a small word is capable enough to express. Love you all 🙂

Low Carb Lifestyle

I have been low carbing for an year now. I shifted to good carbs like besan, brown rice , ragi etc long back. Since last 10 days, I have been working my best to keep daily carb intake as low as possible. As a result, I lost app 1.5 kgs, yayyyy 🙂 .

My Life and Weight Loss Mission

Left side piccy is 1.5 years old clicked in Singapore while I was doing my MBA there, right one is 6 months old while low carbing and the bottom one is 3 months old for a review that I did on Wise She. Do you notice the carby fluffiness on my face in the left most piccy ? Clean eating has changed my face so much. I hope to lose more fat from my face soon.

You can also decide your comfortable range of carb intake and alter your diet accordingly, post for your help here. If you have tried it all and not able to lose weight, join our weight loss program, more about it here. This time after 1 month completion of program, I am going to post my results too. This will keep me more accountable, yeah anything for motivation 🙂 !

I have been pretty uncomfortable this week with immense headache on 2 consecutive days. My colleague suggested it could be sinus and I thought its because of the slight number in my eyes..I forgot to wear specs while working in office. I am always glued to computer in office and laptop at home and tab/phone all the time. I think I torture my eyes a lot.. should start using eye drops every night. I need some way to relax my eyes, if you have an idea to relax eyes , please let me know 🙂

Leslie Sansone Walk At Home

Thanks to my dear Kanan, I have just begun WAH workouts, more details here. I do a 3 mile or 4 mile walk when I am in no mood to go out workout.

Water Challenge

Are you ready to take water challenge with me? No no, you don’t have to get wet in rains, relax 😛 . You have to increase your water intake for a week. what’s say ?

I normally drink 3-3.5 litres of water. Anything else like protein shake, lassi, milk, fruits etc that contains water is additional.

For 1 week, I will drink 5 litres of water and will start my day with 2 glasses of water. I have heard people saying that if you start your day with water, your skin begins to glow and you start to feel healthier in a week. Are you ready to find out ? Pledge a number here and drink that much watr for a week and we shall talk after a week 🙂 . After all, drinking excess water would no harm 😀

Let’s start on Saturday. This will prevent you from staring eyes in office that follow you every time you make a move to the rest room, lolz 😀

Are you ready to take the water challenge ?

P.S – Happy Birthday Sachin. Hope to see you someday , I just wish I don’t die that day, people here need me (at least I think so ) !


  1. Great going Tarun yay. So happy that our blog is doing well. many more milestones to achieve.

    Eye cool/eye pads should help. Also look at lot of greenery, give your eyes a break once in a while.

  2. M already so happy with the blog’s achievements.. Yayyy.. 🙂 🙂 While typing on the laptop, look more on the keypad rather than on the screen. That is what I do to avoid straining my eyes. Avoid eating foods that are too hot in nature in this season because that too leads to red eyes.
    Water challenge.. I already drink 5 litres yaa.. Thanks to mom who made me do so since I was 17.. I drink 3 glasses in the morning itself, that keeps my stomach and skin both happy.. I’ll cheer for all you guys who reach 5L mark.. Yayy yayy yayy 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi tarun ur right,i lost 5 kg in 2 1/2 months.but my water intake is 5 to 6 lt a day and excess with coconut water,buttermilk,and juice. i took low carb,low calorie healthy diet without any excercise.still i want to loose 5 more to reach my ideal weight,continuing the same.

    if u add one lemon wedge to ur mrng 2cups lukewarm water u will get clear and more glowing skin.this is my personal experience.My acne problem is completly solved after doing this

  4. Hey Tarun!! I am so happy to know that our blog is growing!!! It feels great to be a part of this blog. IWB is like a second home. Yup, I too want my skin to glow…. ready for water challenge…. atleast i can try my best…i have this bad habit of drinking very less water 🙁 especially during the morning hours. let us see n hope for the best 🙂

  5. 🙂
    Vini, try. Keep reminders for every half an hour. You can do it.
    i already had 2 litres till now 🙂

  6. Congratulations to everyone for blog’s achievements !! I find it too hard to increase my water intake, help me in this. my water intake is around 2-3 lts.

  7. heytrhis post has increased my water intake dearie. drank 2 litres pakka yesterday. so slowly increase it to 4 litres

  8. Hi Tarun,
    How is your water challenge going on. I am also in. Though I keep my water bottle next to me in office..I keep forgetting to drink. anyways let me also start from today, water +green tea 🙂

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