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My Life These Days

Hello my beautiful people,

How are you all doing? It has been ages we haven’t talked (read I have not blabbered and bored you to death 😀 ). A lot has happened in my life in the past few months. Due to some critical issues in my family, I have faced serious stress! I am a person who doesn’t get stressed on petty work issues or home issues. I certainly get stressed if my maid goes on an unplanned leave, that’s indeed a reason to stress I think lol . On a serious note, my life has gone upside down. I have been travelling every 10-15 days which means that my workout has gone for a toss and of course I have had no time or senses to watch what I have been eating. Read on more to find out happening in my life these days.

diet for thyroid

Most of you who know about me, are aware that I have had a long struggle with Hypothyroid.  This time it became the worst ever! Stress literally kills your thyroid gland. After 3 months when I finally caught my breathe, my weight was 4 kgs higher and TSH was all time high – 9.36 . I got a shock of my life! I immediately went to Endocrinologist who suggested me to undergo another test to check if my hypothyroidism is autoimmune. I tested positive, another shock!

My doctor told me that 90% of the hypothyroid cases are autoimmune but most of times they don’t explicitly tell this to their patients. May be because people freak out, of course I also did! Autoimmune thyroid is a state where body’s own defense and immunity system attacks the thyroid gland. This also means you are on medication for life . But I am not giving up! I am not going to live all my life with medicines. I will get over with this devil thyroid, Amen!

Well, I am on medication again but not on Thyronorm. I will write about this new treatment and medication very soon.

I read a lot about Autoimmune hypothyroid. A lot has been written about gluten intolerance related to Autoimmune hypothyroid. I am not a big fan of wheat, its moderate intake itself causes me to gain weight. Not sure what would happen if I start eating 2 rotis every meal like normal people do!

So here is the thing, I have been eating grain free since last Saturday. So far so good! I am planning to slowly transition to a Vegan lifestyle since low carb is not helping me anymore. I want to get rid of this 4kg gain first quickly.

Benefits Of Going Vegan

I am also trying to meditate and read some of the books I have been wanting to read since long.

IWB has 2 Facebook groups but people are not very active there plus different people have different way of eating! If you wish to join me in this Grain free plan, let me know. We can plan an event or a group where we all can share our recipes, plans and encourage each other.

If you have any suggestions to make IWB a better platform, please drop your input in the comment box below. We will definitely work on it!

Loads of love


Hope you liked reading this post on My Life These Days!

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