My Low Carb Grocery Shopping

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My Low Carb Grocery Shopping


I wanted to get going with Atkins / Keto or LCHF  diet so thought of preparing a list of groceries I might require. For a long time, I have stopped carbs beyond a number but nonetheless, I still had a lot of things in my kitchen that is not allowed in this lifestyle. The target is NOT to eat wheat, rice, pasta, bread, and whatever grains exist in the world for 30 days, yes it is a Keto trial period for me. I know I can live without wheat but not very sure about how will I manage the rest. I am going to try my best until I figure my way out to live this lifestyle successfully and with ease.

Let me take you with me for my low carb grocery shopping. This list will help you shop and try the Ketogenic diet for a month.

my low carb grocery shopping
Take a look at my low-carb grocery shopping list and start your Keto weight loss journey

My low carb grocery shopping list

  1. Cheese — for details check this post here..
  2. Butter — To know the benefits of butter check this out…
  3. Cream — a must while on a Keto diet. check out the use here…
  4. Cocoa — You can plan to use it in different ways like this…
  5. Sauces with no added sugar — know all about sugar in sauces here…
  6. Buttermilk — yes, it is low in carbs.
  7. Cottage cheese/paneer — Check out the Keto recipe here…
  8. Ghee is a must for every dieter as well as nondieter. Yes, a tablespoon of ghee must be added to your daily food. Why! Read this…
  9. Virgin Coconut oil is a must for the Keto diet as you can use it for making Bulletproof coffee, which is a complete breakfast in itself.
  10. Olive oil — Read this to know which is the better one.
  11. Vinegar must be bought to help prepare cottage cheese at home and add zing to your keto pickles and soups.
  12. Peanut butter — buy it if you don’t know how to make it at home yourself. Here is the recipe to make Peanut butter at home.
  13. Nut butter like almond or cashew butter. Similarly, buy it if you can’t prepare at home.
  14. Coconut milk — know how to make at home here…
  15. Dry coconut to be used in Keto sweets…
  16. Jalapeno and olive slices for salads and soups.
  17. Himalayan pink salt
  18. Spices like oregano, Italian seasoning
  19. Green tea and coffee in various flavors
  20. Regular tea and coffee
  21. Various nuts and seeds like almonds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, peanuts, chia seeds, flax seeds
  22. Stevia as sweetener
  23. Eggs, Chicken, fish — Do check out this blog for keto recipes in ‘weight loss free recipes’.
  24. Soya chunks
  25. Mung dal for sprouting
  26. Black gram and Chickpeas
  27. Rajma/kidney beans
  28. Amaranthus
  29. Vegetables and greens like spinach, peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, green chilies, tomato, green and white pumpkin, various gourds, beans, cucumbers etc. For a more exhaustive list check this link…
  30. Fruits like strawberries, papaya etc. Read details about it here…

Hope you find this list good and useful. So what are you waiting for? Start your Keto weight loss journey now.