My Small Fitness Shopping This Week


My Small Fitness Shopping This Week


Summer sale is ON. Most of the brands were offering flat 50% discount. Although its highly unlikely that I like something that is on sale. Whatever I like and pick up, the sales person says – “Fresh arrival madam”. Anyway I went for shopping over weekend, with no expectations of picking up sale stuff and saving some money 😛

I use Nike/Adidas for sports shoes and the same brands for fitness apparel as well. Many people don’t invest in fitness apparel but it’s very important. If you work out well, your usual pajamas would certainly not bear the torture and you could end up with a ripped Pajama hoping no one is around 😛 . Regular cotton tees are doable for women. Since men tend to sweat more, dry fit fabrics are best for them.

I have a track pant from Adidas and a three fourths from Urban Yoga. You could find it surprising but I find Urban Yoga way superior in quality. So this time I headed straight to Urban Yoga.

I picked up 2 things –

Yoga Pants

fitness shopping Yoga pants

These are the most comfortable bottoms you can ever wear during workout, I swear. There are no elastics, it has a very light and broad waist band. These are tight below knees just like your churidars but loose fitted from waist to knees. You can easily wear short tees on these Yoga pants If you like. Most women like me are comfortable wearing too snug bottoms for the fear of revealing a lot more than intended. This one is just perfect. I can’t find a single flaw in Fabric, its so stretchable that you can actually do a split wearing these! If you are not a fitness freak, recall Kungfu panda doing a split while sneaking some cookies 😉

The best part of these yoga pants is that women of all shapes and sizes can wear these. Yes you read it right. Even if you have a bulging tummy or a big bum, you will feel very comfortable wearing these yoga pants. I wanted to get this one is a bit darker color. The entire brand Urban Yoga was on sale, so most of the good stuff was taken. Beggars can’t be choosers you see 😉 , so I picked up this shade. I love light gray, especially tees. Just that I prefer dark pants.

Skirted Tights

fitness shopping gymwear 1

I wanted to buy skirted tights since 4 years now when I saw a tall girl with a very shapely round bu** wearing them 😛 . I did not dare to buy them until last week when I thought I have earned a body to fit in them and carry them as well. Women with heavy bu** and thighs must not buy these. Same goes for women with an absolutely flat a** . These tights look good only if you have some fat on your a**.

I wanted to buy a black color but alaas, no stock 🙁 . So I ended up picking a dark grey one.

fitness shopping dumbells 2

I also got a pair of dumbbells, not sure if I showed you before! These are a pair of 3 kgs each and good enough for me to start with. These dumbbells are square shaped as per recommendation by Mr. Fit, so that I can do nonstop pushups on them some day. Amen!

See you again!



P.S.- All clothes’ pics have been zoomed for clarity

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