My Weight Loss Experience With Liposuction


My Weight Loss Experience With Liposuction

In our life the changes that we make affect the very way that we want to be. I would like to explain to you guys my side of the story, hows and whens, the ups and the downs, let me take you along down my memory lane.

I was really huge (horizontally) and I really needed a change. I went to practically every length of losing weight. I’ve even considered liposuction, at the age of 22! You guys know by now how I managed to lose 20kgs, (read my weight loss story here) let me give you another side of the story, the before effects.

liposuction experienceWell, I enrolled in the gym, I didn’t like to diet, don’t still like abs exercise, so I was in a search of easy way out. I figured I could go for U-lipo. It doesn’t involve any exercise and it’s not so painful. I had earlier tried this method with awesome results, a flat tummy! So I went for it again. This time the lady giving the treatment was different, she never pushed my body to its limits and this time my tummy didn’t show as much change. Why am I telling you this? Coz I want you to run away if anyone offers you this treatment even for free. The temporary results may look good, but hey be ready to say Hi to cellulite.  Yes, that “C” Word we dread! And trust me it’s the last thing you want to fight, it’s going to be a dirty battle with you always doubting whether it would go or no.

U-Lipo, How it is done!

This is what they do, they lay you in bed, cover your tummy with some gel, I was told it’s the same gel they use when you go for a sonography, then there are some nodes coming out of a machine, these are placed on the fatty sections and then secured with a Velcro belt. Then the machine has some settings, these are set according to your number of sittings with the clinic. It’s just different type of movements done by the nodes and the intensity. Then once the timer is set, you just have to relax and let the machine do its work! Sounds awesome right? Hell No! There are some type of movements that these node pads on your fats that either makes you tingle or writhe in pain. The intensity of the pain depends on the number of times you have visited and your endurance. By the way, I have also heard in some clinics they just ignore your pain endurance and increase the intensity to high, just for faster results. They even leave the client inside alone, with their suffering of course. And how come no one says a word? They are getting results and who in India wants to accepts they got help losing weight? It’s always, Arre am so busy, am running behind my kids… etc.

lipo machineNow, exactly U-lipo is a method that dissolves the fat cells or just liquefy them using ultra sound. So once these fats are liquefied we have lose skin (depends person to person), the body’s way of combatting this is cellulite. That’s how it’s going to fill the empty space. The end result being loss of fats in your tummy making you happy, the formation and showing of cellulite making you sad and a big hole in your pocket making you feel like a fool with bad investment!

how lipo worksThis was almost three years back, when I wanted immediate results and by the way, the method comes with a cost, cellulite is harder to knock off than fats. Until I discovered my gym trainer and proper diet. My tummy still is the same, no amount of abs is helping, it does go down a couple of inches when am really strict with my workout but what wouldn’t I give to get in some fats in exchange of the cellulites in it. The crux of tis post is, don’t go for shortcuts. What comes easy won’t last and what lasts won’t come easy!

Did you learn a lesson from my weight loss experience with liposuction?

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