My Weight Loss Progress and Thyroid Recovery


My Weight Loss Progress and Thyroid Recovery


Its been 2 days that I have not written ! It feels so incomplete .. like baadal bin paani and shirt fatti purani 😀 😛 😛 I am sorry, somehow I just need victims for my PJ’s and unfortunately its your turn 😀

I wanted to share with you a few updates of past 3 months about My Weight Loss Progress and Thyroid Recovery.

My Weight Loss Progress and Thyroid Recovery

IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss Diet Plan Day 6 and Day 7

I was diagnosed with Thyroid 3 months back. My TSH came out to be 6.4.Finally, I could understand the reason of my sudden weight gain after going through all the medical tests !

The normal range is .34-5.6. I am on Thyronorm 25 mg since then ! I also avoided a few foods like Broccoli , cauliflower etc. In short, I followed the Thyroid Diet. Read about it here.

I have been able to shed a few kgs since last 3 months but my weight loss has been ooooooooooooh so slow 🙁 ! I feel so jealous of girls who are able to shed fast 😀 Never the less, I have lost 2 inches off my waist 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

I did the TSH test again last week and my TSH now is 5.62. This means I am just back in the range. Will meet my Endocrinologist soon and keep you posted ! My nutritionist believes that TSH 5.9 is okay. But I want to bring my TSH down further.

Usually, my Hemoglobin falls by 2-3 points in a month when I am off iron supplements. Its been 4 months I have not taken iron supplements and my Hemoglobin has dropped less than 1 point – 12.38 to 11.5. Good news na 🙂 ? I have struggled to maintain my hemoglobin level since childhood. I am super happy with this development. I no longer suffer from Pica !

So far so good, my Thyroid and Anemia are in control. Now this means I should be shred faster.  I sincerely hope !

I am going to avoid eating wheat for the coming months since Rice seems to suit me better. I have been able to shed weight by eating rice. If you are new to IWB, don’t be surprised. You can also shed weight while continuing to enjoy rice, read here.

I am following Mr. Fit’s 1 monthly workout plan, read about it here. Completed 1 week, 3 weeks to go !

Signing off for now ! Do let me know how you have progressed on your health, weight, and fitness :)! Happy Weekend 🙂




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