Best Active Wear To Buy From MYNTRA Right To Fashion Sale  

Myntra Right to fashion sale
                                     MYNTRA Right To Fashion Sale  

Best Active Wear To Buy From

MYNTRA Right To Fashion Sale   

A person should not only wish for a good body but also work for it. Fitness does not merely mean reducing weight, but also transforming bodies into something better. Today people’s perception of fitness is changing. They make fitness and health-related resolutions and get drawn towards fitness equipment and most importantly activewear. Activewear is drawing consumers’ attention and has become a style statement by itself. Not only fitness enthusiasts but people, in general, are buying active wear due to its comfort factor from this MYNTRA Right To Fashion Sale.

MYNTRA, the most popular online shopping platform has a sale going on from 9th-12th August. They have named it ‘MYNTRA Right To Fashion Sale’. MYNTRA being one of the leading e-commerce platforms, has on offers a great variety of activewear for both men and women of all shapes and forms with a wide range of discounts. Here we present our third Intern Aastha Garg’s introductory post about her choice of best Activewear To buy from ‘MYNTRA Right To Fashion Sale’. 

Best Active Wear To Buy From

MYNTRA Right To Fashion Sale (for Men)

For MEN, few popular brands are Ether, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Masch Sports, Campus Sutra, Off Limits, etc. are on offer in this MYNTRA Right To Fashion Sale.


This brand offers e-dry t-shirts and joggers which makes it an ideal “every day” and casual fabric. The fabric is lightweight and soft, with moisture-wicking properties that help keep a relatively dry look, even when the t-shirt is wet. It offers regular fit active wears, which help working out easily along with maintaining one look. The Ether active wears are regular in length which makes it comfortable to wear even in routine. The fabric can be easily washed in a machine without any special care.D:\ad.jpg


D:\ds.jpg This brand’s offering of high neck and long sleeve t-shirts which give a look of a toned body is popular. These are color-blocked T-shirts which are very eye-catchy. These look good even for daily wear.  Ether has variants of round neck t-shirts for customers who don’t like high neck t-shirts. No special washing care is required these are easily machine washable. There are many colors available at reasonable rates with a wide range of discounts up to 60%.


This brand offers striped as well as printed round neck t-shirts in different colors which the customers can choose as per taste. It offers a slim fit activewear which gives the customers a toned body and fit look. The prints on the t-shirts are abstract and very impressive with up to 75 % discounts on offer.D:\da.jpg


This brand offers color blocked as well as digitally printed round t-shirts with catchy slogan prints which makes it look very attractive. The t-shirts are a regular fit with up to 40 % discount. The sizes available are L and XL and machine washable. D:\dd.jpg

My take:

After analyzing all the articles, I found articles from CAMPUS SUTRA to be the best active wears to be bought from MYNTRA. This is because it offers high-quality articles with reasonable prices and a high range of discounts which is the best for its customers. It also offers a wide variety of colors and sizes as well which makes it easier for the customers to choose.

For Women

For women, brands like Ether, Kanvin, Boston club can be the favorites due to price and size range.


For women, brand Ether offers e-dry joggers which helps get a casual and dry look. The joggers are straight fit which makes one look trendy. These joggers with three pockets gives it an extra brownie point for convenience.


This brand offers a self-designed round as well as a V-neck t-shirt to choose from. The fabric is to be washed with hand. The colors offered are fully in trend like mauve, grey, etc.


Boston Club offers printed as well as the solid round neck and V-neck t-shirts. Their activewear is a regular fit with a regular length which makes it easier for the users to wear as casual and workout attire.

My take:

From the above-mentioned brands of women’s activewear, according to me, Boston Club is the best brand to choose active wears from. This brand offers active wears which are highly comfortable and a great range of discounts. The use and importance of active wears are increasing day by day, especially the plus-size active wears. Along with wearing in gyms for workouts indoors and outdoors active wears, these are also being worn as daily wear. Now that you know my take on best Activewear To buy from ‘MYNTRA Right To Fashion Sale’, what are you waiting for? Go, login to Myntra, and buy. Today is the last day of the sale. You may also like reading-


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