Why Napping In The Afternoon Is Good For You?


Why Napping In The Afternoon Is Good For You?

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There is nothing like an afternoon nap! Naps are often associated with toddlers and those who have all the time in the world. They are also a sign of laziness or luxury. However, the truth is that most of us are sleep deprived and a quick nap can really be beneficial.

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Experts say that a 10 to 20 minute long nap is enough. Anything longer than that can lead to a deep groggy feeling that is difficult to snap out of. You may be wondering how a 15 min daytime nap can be helpful. Well, read on!

Why Napping In The Afternoon Is Good For You?

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1) It provides a memory boost

In a study, the participants who napped regularly for 10, 20, 30 minute periods improved their performance in cognitive memory tests and vigilance tests that were conducted within two and a half hours after napping. Those who slept for more than 20 mins had grogginess, while the 10 min nappers had experienced an immediate performance boost. Even other studies have shown similar results.

2) It lowers blood pressure

The afternoon siesta habit is linked to a 37% reduction in coronary mortality probably because of reduced stress on the cardiovascular system. Studies have not been able to conclude that the benefit is due the nap, the reclined position or just due to the expectation of a nap. However, it has been concluded that there is a decrease in blood pressure which is why there is lower coronary mortality in those who take naps.

3) It calms your nerves

A study found that napping for 90 mins can help in keeping you calm. Participants of the study were shown faces that expressed anger, fear and happiness at 12 pm and then again at 6 pm. It was found that individuals were more upset by the fearful and angry faces later in the day but it was not so when they had a 90 minute afternoon nap during which they had REM sleep.

4) It makes you alert

This isn’t a very surprising benefit but a NASA study found that 40 min nap improved the performance of pilots and astronauts by 34% and alertness by 100%! While you are not required to fly a rocket ship, it is recommended that taking a quick nap before driving your car can keep you more alert and reduce the risk of accidents.

5) It enhances creativity

The mind loves napping. Daytime sleep can help enhance creative thinking, improve memory recall, boost cognitive processing and clear the cobwebs in the mind.

6) It boosts your willpower

When you are tired you willpower hits an all time low. However, it is the highest in the morning when your brain is fresh. When you are deprived of sleep, your brain has a really tough time in controlling impulses and ignoring distractions. It is advised that you take a mid-day power nap that can reverse the willpower drain that occurs from morning to night. A nap improves your mood, reduces stress and restores focus.

What to do if you can’t nap?

In spite of the fact that napping is beneficial, many people can’t do it. Just imagine your boss catching you napping in the office! Consequences can be severe! So, the luxury of napping is just not for all. So, for those of you who can’t enjoy a nap, meditation comes to the rescue. Doing simple breathing exercises such as breathing slowly and counting your breaths can help in slowing down your brain and have restorative effects.

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