National Consumers Right Day India-Buy Weight Loss Products Wisely


National Consumers Right Day India-Buy Weight Loss Products Wisely

Heya Everyone,
Happy Wednesday ! Mid week has never been better, its off tomorrow yayyyy 😛 😀 .  What are your plans for Christmas? I want to sleep till noon 😛 , only if my maid lets me do it.
Today is National Consumers Right Day India-Buy Weight Loss Products Wisely. As consumers, we do have certain rights. But I want to talk about responsibilities here. We as consumers shape the economy of our country. We are responsible to allow right companies and right people thrive in market. On the other hand, we must stop forgeries and wrong acts of selling by discouraging businesses that hamper consumer interests. We can do so by not buying products from such fraudulent companies. Eventually they will go into losses and quit the market.

National Consumers Right Day India-Buy Weight Loss Products Wisely
This year we encountered certain people making fake websites using pictures from IWB. Kanan and Swati’s before and after weight loss pictures were stolen and used in the fake testimonials on fake websites to sell Pure Cambogia Ultra and Pure Life cleanse. The irony is that domain of this website changed after every 15-20 days after forging quite a lot of people. I simply mean that the website ceased to exist after a few days, and then came back with a new name and a new URL using pictures of people who lost weight with so much effort!

Pure Cambogia Ultra And Pure Life Cleanse fraud aishwarya rai's pic
We received numerous comments from customers who were forged. Some of them never received their products and some of them did, but were scared to use them after reading our posts. I have just one question – how can someone spends thousands of rupees in a jiffy without even researching the company and products? These kind of fraudulent companies make money on misery of people, it can’t be more disgusting!
As far as weigh loss products are concerned, there are only 2 practical tips to prevent yourself from being forged –
1. Don’t buy any weight loss/health product without reading reviews and researching about the ingredients, company and the website selling them.
2. Do not believe in products that promise magical weight loss. Magic wand does not exist in real life. No product can make you lose weight in just a few hours or days. Did you gain all your weight in a few days? No? Then how can you lose that fast?
We at IWB, bring to you honest reviews after trying and testing the products. You can always seek our suggestions before investing in an expensive product, IWB team is always there to help the readers.
By the way, we are running 10% off on all IWB programs including the weight loss program. So just in case, money made you rethink your decision to join the program, this is the right time 😀 . We don’t run discounts too often !
Wish you a very Happy Christmas. Stay blessed and have fun  !


Make your choice wisely!