Natural Diuretics For Good Health!


Natural diuretics

Have you felt some form of swelling in your feet or hands lately? It may always be the result of an allergy but often due to excess fluids built up in the body and often caused by water retention. It may be caused by ageing blood vessels which lose their elasticity. This condition may also be referred as Edema. Most people think of drugs and herbs when diuretics are mentioned. However, foods can also be diuretics too. Foods that can help reduce swelling are diuretics and they are just as safe and effective as diuretic herbs. Diuretics have a lot of health benefits. They often help in preventing kidney malfunction and conditions of the eye like Glaucoma.

What are Diuretics exactly?

Any food which contains high water content. Diuretics help in the removal of excess fluid through increased urination. A diuretic can be a food, an herb, or a drug and helps in removing salt and water from the body. They prevent the kidneys from re-absorbing sodium back from the fluid that is passed out as urine. Basically, diuretics increase the volume of urine excreted from the body, subsequently reducing the amount of excess fluids built up in body.

We will list out such food items which are the best natural diuretics and the health benefits they provide. There are some natural foods that are diuretics which help to reduce edema/swelling. They have immense health benefits. Here are natural diuretics!

Water melon


Watermelon has a very high water content of about 92%. It contains antioxidant flavonoids such as lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and kryptoxanthin. The phytochemicals present in watermelon like lycopene and carotenoids can protect cells, tissues and proteins in the body from harmful free radicals. Overall Watermelon acts as a detoxifier.


tomatoes_tummy flattening foods

Tomatoes have about 90% water content. They also contain antioxidant such as lycopene, beta-carotene, vitamin C and selenium. These antioxidants prevent the damages caused by free radicals to body tissues leading to premature aging and many chronic degenerative diseases.


cucumber_tummy flattening foods

We all know cucumber contains a high water content which make it a good choice as a natural diuretic. Its action of uric acid removal makes it good for arthritis relief too.

Cranberry Juice

pain killer cranberry

Cranberry juice has anti-bacterial and diuretics properties. One notable benefit the diuretic effect of cranberry is that it does not drain the body of potassium.


Carrot Juice - Health Benefits

Carrots are widely regarded as one of the most effective diuretic vegetables. These phytochemicals can promote detoxification and increase the rate of metabolism and in the process discharge vitamins and minerals.


brinjal nutrition facts

Eggplant has high water content and enhances blood circulation and reduces toxic heat.


pain killer grapes

Grape has high water content and it is also rich in potassium. Both of these properties make it an effective and unique diuretic food.


asparagus_tummy flattening foods

Asparagus packs low calories and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Glutathione, a phytochemical found in asparagus acts as an oxidant and has anti-carcinogenic properties.

These are natural sources and easily available fruits & vegetables which are certainly packs a punch and are ingredients of a healthy diet.

Hope you found this post ‘Natural Diuretics’ useful!

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