5 Natural Home Remedies To Relieve Swollen Taste Buds


Home Remedies To Relieve Swollen Taste Buds

Don’t we hate it when our taste buds act funny and run amok, causing pain and not allowing us to savor the best delicacies we plan to have? Sounds familiar, right? If you have been a victim to such painful memories, and should this happen to you ahead, here are five easy Home Remedies To Relieve Swollen Taste Buds. Check out natural home remedies to relieve swollen taste buds.


Disclaimer: If the swollen inflamed tastebuds don’t cease to stop, call your doctor. His words would take precedence over what is written here.

What causes swollen inflamed tastebuds?

There are many reasons why one gets swollen inflamed tastebuds, which is why, before we tell you of the five home remedies, we would ask you to go through this checklist and see what you are doing wrong. This is for a better understanding!

  1. Are you eating foods that are highly acidic and spicy?
  2. Do you consume piping hot foods and beverages?
  3. Do you smoke and consume too much of alcohol?
  4. Are you under constant stress?
  5. Are you under depression?
  6. Are you administered strong medication?
  7. Do you suffer from acid refluxes day in and day out?
  8. Are you constantly biting your tongue and gritting your teeth against the tongue?
  9. Are you allergic to foods of some types? And
  10. Do you often have conditions such as canker sores or other mouth diseases?


These were just some of the causes for the tastebuds to go berserk and inflame at the same time. Now that we know some of the causes, let’s focus on the relief part- here are Home Remedies To Relieve Swollen Taste Buds!

1) Plenty of hydration is a must

When the mouth is dry, you tend to rub the tongue against the upper palate and this causes friction to the surface of the tongue. When the two dry surfaces rub against one another, tears happen and hence blisters are formed. This is why, consuming water and liquids all through the day are a must. Helps salivate the mouth and keep it moist.


2) Ice is nice

If you have inflamed taste buds, the first thing to do is to numb the pain. This can be done by rubbing ice over the area and allowing it to rest directly on the spot affected. Keep it for a couple of seconds- not more than ten in one sitting- burns could happen otherwise which only do more harm than good. Ice can be rubbed thrice a day on the taste buds to numb the area and to defeat inflammation.

chewing-ice cubes habits that damage your teeth

3) Honey application

Since honey is a natural bacteria fighter and a natural moisturizer, it can be applied on the tastebuds for relief. A tablespoon of honey, twice a day should be applied with your fingers over the affected area. This will help soothe the blisters and sores in the mouth, and the bacteria would be killed too. Honey also helps motivate the salivary glands to work, which means your mouth wouldn’t be left dry at all.

Honey benefits nutrition facts

4) Glycerine helps

Glycerine when rubbed on the tongue can help bring down the pains and the swelling associated with swollen inflamed buds. A drop of glycerine put on the finger tips and applied on the tongue should be left for a minute. This helps beat inflammation and brings in the much needed soothing touches you would need. Do this once a day and don’t wash your mouth for an hour after that.

glycerin swollen taste buds, Home Remedies To Relieve Swollen Taste Buds

5) Tea tree oil rinse

Two drops of tea tree oil to a cup of cold water should be added. Since tea tree oil is anti bacterial, what you get is the killing of bacteria when this mixture is used as a gargling potent. Gargle with this mix thrice a day and watch how the inflammation goes away.

benefits of tea tree oil

We hope these Home Remedies To Relieve Swollen Taste Buds come in handy.

Stay healthy and happy!