Natural Remedies For Hot Flushes During Menopause


Natural Remedies For Hot Flushes During Menopause

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One of the most uncomfortable symptoms of menopause includes hot flushes. Women of menopausal age who suffer from hot flushes are always on a look out of some way to get respite from them. Here are 8 Natural Remedies for Hot Flushes during Menopause

The problem is that even health experts are not able to find out why they occur. From our end we can just ensure certain lifestyle changes, use of herbs and mind management.

Natural Remedies For Hot Flushes During Menopause

Here is a list of  Natural Remedies For Hot Flushes during Menopause that will help you out and with time, provide you relief.

1) Deep breathing

You need to do diaphragmatic breathing. In this kind of breathing techniques, you breathe in through the nose for 5s and breathe out through the mouth for 5s. Your abdomen needs to rise with every inhalation and your lungs should feel inflated.

This kind of breathing helps in calming down your nerves and improves circulation. Women have seen significant changes in their hot flushes after following this breathing technique. You can do this for 5 minutes daily.

2) Think positive

If you are someone who thinks negative all the time, you should start changing the habit. Like when you start feeling the first sign of a hot flash, instead of freaking out, you should focus on how you can manage the situation. Just think that by removing your jacket and using the handheld fan you have kept in your bag for this purpose, you can reduce the severity of the symptom. Thinking positive can help reduce the intensity of the hot flush.

3) Relax your muscles

For hot flushes, progressive muscle relaxation works really well. It involves tensing a group of muscles and then relaxing them. It has been tried and tested on a group of 150 women and has been found to be quite effective in containing the intensity of hot flushes.

Lie down on your back and create tension in your forehead muscles when you inhale and allow them to relax when you exhale. Now move to your nose and cheek and do the same. This way, work with every muscle group in the body till you reach the toes. These kind of self helping natural remedies for Hot Flushes during Menopause work really well.

4) Try a hand at yoga

With restorative yoga, you can see a lot of difference. This type of yoga focuses on the relaxation of the body. Even Bikram yoga is said to be helpful to get relief from hot flushes.

5) Practice mindfulness meditation

You can help your body to focus on your unconscious thoughts and feelings by combining mindfulness meditation with yoga. In one study, the severity of hot flashes was reduced by 40 percent with stress reduction techniques. It is advised that you join a mindfulness meditation class as one of the 8 Natural Remedies For Hot Flushes during Menopause.

6) Lose weight

Overweight women have more hot flushes when compared to those who have a healthy-weight. So, it is better to lose all the unwanted kilos. It will help you in the long run.

7) Head to the gym

It is never too late to start working out in the gym. By working out, you can cool down your hot flushes. Strength training is said to have slashed hot flushes by a good 50 percent. Cardio like brisk walking, running and dancing can bring the number down to 55 percent.

8) Eat soy based foods

If you already consume soy based foods like soy milk, tofu and edamame, you are lucky as soy protein protects from hot flushes. It has phytoestrogens in it that mimic the effects of estrogen in your body.

Hope the above Remedies For Hot Flashes help!

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