5 Natural Remedies To Cure A Bad Cough


Natural Remedies To Cure A Bad Cough

The change of climes is when we suffer from various illnesses, coughs being one of them. Children, adults, senior citizens and just about anyone- the air is still heavy and dry, which is why pollutants, elements, pollen and dust, smoke and heavy elements in the air don’t move about easily. When this happens, we tend to have breathing issues, and along with that a persistent cough. Stop running for OTC medications, some of which can do more harm than good. If you have a cough, there are natural home remedies that can work. Here are five very easy ones to conjure and consume; some are very tasty too. Take a look at the Natural Remedies To Cure A Bad Cough!

Cough natural remedies to cure cough, Natural Remedies To Cure A Bad Cough

Disclaimer: Please note, if the cough persists more than a week, is of a different phlegm color or causes wheezing, consult your doctor immediately. His words would take precedence over what is written here.

1)Warm honey water

One of the best ways to find relief from the cough that irritates your throat, would be to have honey. Research and studies have shown how honey can help reduce the cough, much more than what OTC drugs and medications can do. Honey is very effective and helpful since it also helps coat the mucus membrane, and since it is anti-bacterial, honey would also help defeat the pesky bacteria in the throat and the mucus membranes by coating and protecting it too. A glass of warm honey water can be made by mixing a tablespoon of honey with a glass of warm water. Consume this thrice a day when coughs happen, and you would notice a difference.

honey and warm water - remedies for cough, Natural Remedies To Cure A Bad Cough2)Ginger tea

Ginger is a wonder herb, which is why while growing up grandma gave a piece of raw ginger to us each time we had a coughing bout. Not cool grandma! Jokes apart, ginger is known to loosen up the mucus system and can help relax the glands from inflammation attacks too. A cup of ginger tea can be made by adding ginger pieces to the brewing tea when hot. Strain and allow the liquid to reach lukewarm temperatures; consume thrice a day with a dash of lime or honey in it. Lime and honey help moisturise and nutritionise the cells in the throat, and also drains out the excess water from the mucus membranes too.

ginger health benefits3)Salt water gargle

The age old technique of using salt water to beat the infection of the throat, coughs and colds cannot be undermined. This is because, salt water can help drain out the excess water from the mucus membranes, and kill the pesky bacteria in the throat too. When the mucus lining is washed clean through gargling, the swelling and inflammation comes down too. Make your own saltwater gargle potion at home, by adding a teaspoon of salt to a boiling cup of water. Allow the liquid to cool to lukewarm temperature and then gargle five times a day. The mucus would be drained out.

Drink More Water

4)Chicken soup can help

How chicken soup can help soothe a cough is still a mystery to many, but it does. This maybe because the warm broth mixed with veggies can help sublimate the mucus membranes and also helps soothe the membranes too. What you can do is to consume the broth thrice a day in small quantities. Make the broth by adding a few pieces of lean chicken to a cup of boiling water; add a dash of pepper and lime juice for taste and medicinal reasons. Chop your choice of veggies to make it a wholesome bowl of goodness, and have it hot.

Chicken soup recipe5)Garlic and honey

Peel a couple of garlic pods and keep them dipped in a bowl of honey. Chew on them all day long, and you would notice a difference in the clearing of your throat and sinuses. One garlic pod infused with honey is more than enough for each chewing time. Not more than thrice a day and not less than twice a day the infusion should be chewed. This helps soothe the throat, kill the bacteria and also helps hydrate the throat too.

garlic honey - remedies for cough, Natural Remedies To Cure A Bad Cough

Try these Natural Remedies To Cure A Bad Cough and let us know!

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