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Nature Reduces Depression And Improves Mental Health

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Since the time humans came into existence something has been constantly there for us and with us. That is Mother Nature. She is always there to help us get rid of our worries and at the same time satisfy our needs. Now, a study has found that a half an hour walk in the woods every week can help in reducing depression, enhancing mental health and controlling high blood pressure. According to the findings, people who visited green spaces for longer time had lower rates of depression as well as high blood pressure. See how nature reduces depression and improves mental health!

Forest - hiking benefits fo the brain

Study reveals that outdoor visits to green locales that lasted for 30 mins or more in a week helped reduce depression by 7 percent and high BP by 9 percent.

Also, it is beneficial for children to spend time outdoors amidst nature. Children who grow up visiting natural environments develop into finer adults with more environmental awareness than those who don’t.

It has been well known that visiting parks is good for our health. You meet people, socialize, enjoy the greenery around and watch children play around. However, there has not been a guideline as to how frequently people need to engage with nature. This latest study provides specific evidence that we need a regular visit of a minimum of 30 mins to get all the desired benefits. There should be encouragement with regard to conducting community activities in parks and natural spaces. This will help people in spending more time in green spaces.

Staying cooped up in a concrete enclosure somewhere in a high rise building will be of no help. You need to walk in the woods or at least visit the park. The sad part is that everyone wants to stand or park their car under a tree but nobody wants to plant one. Try your best to make your own garden in your house. Anything green is soothing to the eyes and soul. You would know the power of greenery when you look at the paddy fields but that would not be possible for someone living in concrete jungles.

Plan a weekly getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city life and enjoy in the arms in nature. You will feel your worries and fears melt away. Just make the effort of spending time with nature on weekends and see the difference.

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Hope you now agree with the fact that Nature Reduces Depression And Improves Mental Health!

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